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The Microsoft Excel Proficiency Certificate Program is 36 hours in length, consisting of six 6-hour courses that must be completed within six months of start. Earning the certificate is contingent on successfully completing all courses. The certificate requires that three fundamental courses be taken first.


Fundamental Courses

Excel I

In this program, you will gain the expertise to construct well-crafted spreadsheets for organizing essential numeric data. Learn how to streamline repetitive data entry with tools such as Autofill and personalized lists. Whether or not you’re a fan of mathematics, Excel provides a solution to simplify your numerical tasks. Harness the efficiency of time-saving functions and formulas to quickly calculate budgets and forecast totals. This course explores the fundamental principles of relative cell addressing and Order of Precedence.

Prerequisite: Basic computer proficiency 


Excel II

This course introduces advanced Excel functionality to enhance your worksheets for presentation or printing purposes. Participants will gain proficiency in utilizing the Page Setup tools to tailor their worksheets, adjusting custom margins, page orientation, page breaks, and headers and footers. The curriculum covers sorting large spreadsheets, filtering data with both basic and advanced filters, grouping and summarizing data, and inserting subtotals. Additionally, participants will learn how to efficiently manage data across multiple worksheets and workbooks, linking data using formulas and named cells. The course also explores additional functions, including the IF function, as well as the DATE and PMT functions.

Prerequisite:  Excel I or equivalent knowledge


Excel III

This course extends the exploration of Excel functionality and introduces students to the diverse range of Excel templates available. Participants will utilize macros to streamline repetitive tasks and learn how to associate them with buttons through the Developer Tab. The curriculum includes techniques for enhancing spreadsheets with conditional formatting and graphics, along with features like formula auditing, calculation options, comments, and worksheet protection. Additionally, participants will be introduced to a selection of additional functions, including the VLOOKUP function and ARRAY functions.

Prerequisite: Excel I and II or equivalent knowledge


Advanced Courses

Data Analysis

Experienced Excel users will be taught the effective utilization of Excel’s What-If tools, including Goal Seeker, Solver, Scenario Manager, and Data Tables. Additionally, participants will acquire proficiency in installing and utilizing the AnalysisPak add-in—a powerful tool included with Excel but not automatically loaded. Harness the capabilities of this add-in to perform advanced analyses, including Histograms, Range and Percentile Analysis, and Descriptive Statistics, expanding your data analysis skill set.

Ideal for managers requiring data analysis for informed decision-making!

Prerequisite: Excel I, II, and III or equivalent knowledge



Explore Excel’s various chart types for clear data communication. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of all Excel chart types and their practical applications. Participants will develop expertise in creating, customizing, and enhancing charts using colors, patterns, and graphics. Additionally, they will learn to embed and link charts into Word and PowerPoint files.

Prerequisite: Excel I, II or equivalent knowledge


Pivot Tables and Charts

Discover how to convert data rows and columns into an Excel table throughout this course. The table features encompass a wide range of functionalities, such as sorting and filtering, formatting data, and managing table rows and columns. Discover the strength of Pivot Tables—an efficient tool for summarizing large datasets. Easily adjust your analysis by manipulating data directly within the table. Easily group, sort, and filter data, conduct calculations, and add or remove subtotals and grand totals, providing a comprehensive understanding of your data with ease.

Prerequisite: Excel I and II or equivalent knowledge



Excel Functions are built-in formulas crafted to streamline calculations with minimal manual input. Excel takes care of the necessary mathematical steps, needing only the cell addresses or ranges to execute the calculation. Although basic functions were addressed in Excel I, II, and III, this course acquaints students with additional functions that may not have been extensively explored. Immerse yourself in a more thorough grasp of Excel functions to expand your skill set and maximize the potential of this versatile tool.

Prerequisite: Excel I and II or equivalent knowledge

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