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GHC Summer Camps 2024

Embark on an unforgettable journey of discovery with our summer camps! Dive into the realms of STEM and healthcare, where young minds explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and healthcare professions. Our expert-led programs blend hands-on experiments, interactive learning, and real-world applications to inspire innovation and problem-solving skills. Campers dive into exciting fields while making new friends and creating lasting memories. Join us this summer and watch your child's curiosity soar to new heights!

Camp Offerings

Whimsical World of Wonka Camp

Indulge in a whimsical world of pure imagination at Wonkariffic Wonka camp. Campers will produce scrumptious treats throughout the week as they learn about the chemistry of foods. They will also construct Rube Goldberg machines to experience the joy of engineering. Hands-on experiments with electricity and magnetism will help campers better understand the electricity that powers the world around us. Come enjoy the week at Wonkariffic Wonka camp where campers learn and watch science in action.

Rising 3rd - 6th Graders


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