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Front Line Leadership Certificate Program

These 3-hour workshops are just what your front-line leaders need to help them develop the skills they need to succeed on the job. Delivered in bite-sized chunks, these workshops highlight critical skills that make a difference without taking your staff away from their jobs for an entire day.

Facilitator: A national presenter, Dr. Tina Brush has over 30 years of consulting and training experience and has worked with organizations throughout the Midwest and Southeast as well as overseas. Her book on supervision has been used overseas as well here in the states.

Each workshop is $99. All ten workshops must be completed within one year from starting the series in order to obtain a certificate.


Workshop #1: Making the Transition – Becoming “the Boss”

  • Distinguish among “doing,” “managing,” and “leading”
  • Demonstrate proactive behavior
  • Behave in ways that create the desire to follow your lead
  • Appreciate the value of creating your leadership brand

Workshop #2: Legal Responsibilities of Front-Line Leaders

  • Detect behaviors that can lead to illegal discrimination, workplace bullying and harassment
  • Encourage safe work practices
  • Behave in ways that create a respectful work environment

Workshop #3: Managing Yourself

  • Appreciate the importance of managing yourself well to lead others
  • Demonstrate an understanding of emotional intelligence
  • Understand the impact your personality and natural way of behaving have on others as well as the impact others’ have on you
  • Choose to flex your natural approach to fit team members’ needs

Workshop #4: Communicating with Impact

  • Understand the critical role communication plays in your success as a leader
  • Identify barriers to effective communication
  • Demonstrate intentional communication skills
  • Use an effective strategy for addressing almost any workplace issue and achieve desired outcomes

Workshop #5: Leading Others – Developing Skills

  • Use the situational leadership approach
  • Understand the levels of delegation and when each is appropriate
  • Deliver effective job instruction
  • Coach to redirect or develop performance

Workshops are highly interactive and focus on equipping participants with skills and tools they can use upon returning to work.

The Workshops do not have to be taken in any special order.

Workshop #6: Leading Others – Creating a Motivating Climate

  • Distinguish between performance gaps caused by skill deficiencies versus “will” deficiencies
  • Deliver meaningful feedback to redirect performance when performance outcomes do not meet expectations
  • Deliver meaningful praise and recognition for performance progress and accomplishments
  • Seek and receive feedback from team members

Workshop #7: Dealing with Difficult People

  • Understand what makes difficult people act in challenging ways
  • Develop strategies to minimize the effects of difficult behavior on your team’s performance
  • Establish zero tolerance for workplace bullying and harassment
  • Conduct difficult conversations to achieve productive results

Workshop #8: Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

  • Distinguish between symptoms and problems so you focus on the root cause
  • Understand your role in managing the problem-solving/decision-making process
  • Choose the appropriate decision-making approach in a given situation
  • Create a culture of accountability

Workshop #9: Dealing with Conflict and Change

  • Reduce team members’ fear and insecurity when dealing with change
  • Defuse anger and reduce defensiveness in tense situations
  • Identify and act on the root causes of conflict using appropriate conflict resolution strategies
  • Facilitate conflict resolution among team members

Workshop #10: Managing Your Time and Attention

  • Identify the critical priorities for successful performance as a front-line leader
  • Distinguish between “urgent” and “important” demands on your attention and time
  • Proactively manage competing demands for your attention to stay focused on achieving important goals
  • Minimize the impact of distractions on your performance


For further information on any class or to register, please call
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