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The BBA Program is a competitive program with a limited number of seats. Admission to the program is a three-step process:

I. Admission to Georgia Highlands College

Submit the following materials to the Admissions office:

  1. Completed Georgia Highlands College application or application for readmission.
  2. If applying for initial admission to GHC, must submit a $30 non-refundable application fee made out to Georgia Highlands College, a copy of your high- school transcript and official transcripts from any college(s) previously attended.
  3. If applying for readmission, you must submit official transcripts from any college(s) you attended since last attending GHC.

II. Submission and Approval of Required Documentation

Submit the following documents prior to the BBA application deadline

  1. BBA program Application – (available online during spring application period only)
  2. Students are asked to upload copies of unofficial transcripts from other colleges during the application process if transcripts were not submitted prior to applying.

 III. Acceptance to the BBA Program

Acceptance is based on completed application requirements, (overall GPA), strong academic performance in pre-admission courses (Area F & Math 2200) and grades in select courses (ENGL, ACCT). Applicants are ranked according to an admission score calculated from the above.  No one factor is the full determinant for a positive admission decision.

Admission score= 300 maximum points

60% based on grades in Area F, Math 2200 – (2.8 GPA or higher required)

30% based on overall GPA (2.5 GPA or higher required)

10% based on grades in ACCT 2101 and ENGL 1101

Total =100%