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Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual Services (AVS), a unit of the Information Technology Services Division, serves as the primary system of support for faculty and staff regarding all audiovisual equipment. In addition to support, AVS is responsible for installation and maintenance of all audiovisual equipment.


Staff & Contact Information

AV Department
Phone: (706) 295-6775

Primary Duties:

  • Provides installation services for AV equipment in permanent and temporary locations.
  • Provides maintenance and repair services for all campus AV equipment.
  • Provides training for campus AV equipment.
  • Provides “on-call” services for in-classroom troubleshooting with faculty and staff.
  • Provide technical and AV equipment needs/services for functions held at the College.


AV Equipment Installation

AV is responsible for receiving all delivered equipment, documenting and inventorying equipment, and installing equipment in permanent and temporary locations.

  • AV provides manpower, equipment, and expertise in installing new and existing AV equipment.
  • AV provides support in design of facilities to accommodate AV equipment.
  • AV manages third-part vendor relationships on equipment to ensure quality control throughout installation.
  • AV handles equipment moves between classrooms or facilities.


AV Equipment Maintenance & Repair

AV provides regular maintenance schedules for assuring dependability of AV equipment.

  • AV is responsible for keeping accurate inventories on all existing equipment.
  • AV is responsible for keeping a “rolling” replacement reserve for aging and dated equipment.
  • AV is responsible for routine maintenance and “check-ups” to re-assure the integrity of the installation processes.
  • AV routinely checks bulb hours, filter qualities, etc. on all projectors.
  • AV spot-checks all units and systems to help prevent in-classroom failures for faculty and staff.
  • AV maintains maintenance and repair records for all equipment.
  • AV provides “replacement” equipment in the event of an equipment failure.


Faculty, Staff, & Student Support for AV Equipment
AV provides on-going support for all Faculty, Staff, & Students regarding AV Equipment

  • AV is on-call during regular class schedules to provide in-classroom support for faculty and staff as problems arise.
  • AV provides one-on-one training with faculty and staff as needed to assure proper use of all campus equipment.
  • AV provides equipment on a “check-out” basis for Faculty & Staff use.


Campus Support

AV provides AV equipment campus-wide for special events, facilities rentals, etc.

  • AV works with the facilities management to provide AV services for special events on campus (during regular business hours).
  • AV trains users on equipment usage in rental facilities.
  • AV provides portable equipment for on-site and off-site “special” college events.
  • AV provides operation of the equipment on an “as-needed” basis when available.