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CARE Reporting

CARE - Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation

Care Reporting Process

If student behavior is dangerous to self or others...

  1. Contact 911, Campus Safety (706-295-6347), and Campus Site Director!
  2. Submit CARE Ticket


If student behavior violates Student Code of Conduct...

  1. Report to AVPARR
  2. Submit CARE Ticket

Care Ticket Process

  1. Student’s distressed or questionable behavior is observed
  2. CARE Ticket is submitted electronically
  3. Ticket is evaluated and processed by CARE Admin
  4. CARE Admin contacts Site Director as needed
    Site Director may respond immediately to student situation
  5. If necessary, CARE Team meets within two working days
    Response is based on level of severity indicated on ticket
  6. Student is informed of CARE Team’s decision/intervention
  7. AVPARR to follow up with faculty/ staff member

Submit a CARE Reporting Ticket