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Reduction of Operating Costs in Fragrance Extractions

Project Description:
A series of experiments was conducted to create a formal procedure designed to cut down the costs of fragrance extractions (approximately $40.00) in commercially available products such as soaps, candles, bath bombs and perfumes. Chemicals needed for the extraction process are Pentane, salt, and denatured alcohol. Pentane is the most expensive chemical used during the extraction process, at approximately 100 dollars per one-liter bottle. The informal procedure in place used approximately 300 mL per extraction (informal procedure used daily required no measurements and thus starting amounts were estimated based on multiple observations). The goal was to reduce the consumption of pentane as much as possible while still extracting at least 1.0 mL of fragrance oil. Once the extraction parameters were optimized it was tested on commercially available products to ensure that the extractions would be successful not just in the lab but in the business as well. The lowest parameters found using pure fragrance oil were not successful on commercial products necessitating an upward adjustment. Even after the necessary adjustments were made the process of extraction was still significantly less expensive (approximately $9.00).

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