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Accuracy of VO² Max Estimates from the Garmin Forerunner 265 (FAC 14)Poster

Jonathan Howard

Addressing the Crisis: Exploring the Causes and Solutions to the Teacher Shortage Dilemma (FAC 11) Poster

Deb Stephens

America's Red Wolf Population (STEM 5) Poster

Ansley Shelton

Antibiotic Resistance of Staphylococcus (STEM 2) Poster

Courtney Fricks

Apache Mills Parking Lot (HUM 14) Poster

Cherlyn Morales

Are You A Good Leader? (EXB 5) Exhibit

Elizeth Sanchez, Amari White, Brandon Burk, & Jake Brasfield

Baby Frost (EXB 18) Exhibit

Deborah Desil

Baby Molecules: Exploration of a Unifying Example in CHEM 1211 (FAC 13)

Justin Polizzi

Beat Generation (HUM 10) Poster

Katie Landt & Katelin Jackson

Becoming a Dental Hygienist in Guatemala (HUM 33) Poster

Hayley Jovellanos

Becoming an Attorney: The Hidden Red-Lining Between Law and Impoverished Students (SSE 1) Poster

Lauren Thomas

Boston Scientific Employee Convenience (HUM 19) Poster

Mariam Yusuf

Brand Worship Satire (HUM 6) Poster

Daniel Lingerfelt, Trey Samples, Nahum Trenti, & Jensen Parton

Building an Evidenced-Based Practice Competent Student (FAC 4) Poster

Shea Walker & Marta Sanderson

Building Futures Through New Teaching Assistant Program (EXB 2) Exhibit

Kayley Shepherd

Business (HUM 30) Poster

Isaac Collier, Brandon Pearson, Zachary Eckert, & Michael Strickland

A Business Plan for a Theoretical Beauty Project (BUS 1) Poster

Catherine Solis Reyes

Citing Sources & Cracking Concepts: Students Put AI to the Test (FAC 6) Poster

Betsy Fleming & Ryan O'Connor

Colombia Bell Café (HUM 34) Poster

Destiny Bell

Color Collage Of "Viva La Vida, Watermelons" By Frida Kahlo (EXB 14) Exhibit

Jacquline Palacios

Computer Science (HUM 27) Poster

Elyjah French, Alex Chappuis, Lynn LaFore, & Christopher Akinyemi

Criminal Justice (HUM 32) Poster

Alexandria Anderson, Lila Townsend, Ashlyn Dowdy, & Savannah Briggs

Crochet Blanket (EXB 9) Exhibit

Breanna White

Cultural Intelligence in Nursing Education: Are We There Yet? (FAC 2) Poster

Lourdes Webster

The Defense of French in Flanders: Lessons for the Contemporary World and the Classroom (FAC 10) Poster

David Hensley

Does Gender play a Role in Student Preference for Cats or Dogs? (BUS 2) Poster

Emely Cruz

Drought and the Scarcity of Water (HUM 2) Poster

Zachariah Routledge

Education (HUM 28) Poster

Brettlyn Neal, Ethan Umbarger, Brandi McNeil, & Taylor Silverio

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Nursing Practice and Education (FAC 5) Poster

Shea Walker

Engineering (HUM 31) Poster

Victor Lopez, Colin Nelson, Olivia Hoffman, & Sam Hutchins

The Epic Of Yeesus (EXB 7) Exhibit

Blake Eidson, Zachary Adams, Emily Andrews, Julie Cooper, & Gavin Reed

Etowah Control Systems Bandsaw (HUM 23) Poster

Adam Pierce

Exploring Salamander Community Diversity in GA Streams through DNA Barcoding (STEM 4) Poster

Allison Vesselll

Faculty Strategies for Dealing with AI (FAC 7) Poster

Rachel Wall, Randy Green, & Mary Wilson

Flying High in Costa Rica! Helicopter Tours (HUM 37) Poster

Patrick Lowe

General Business (HUM 29) Poster

Skylar Ware, Roselyn Perez, Skyla Phillips, & Ashleigh Ray

Geoscience Education Research Project CURE - Is it an effective learning tool? (FAC 12) Poster

Billy Morris

Get Rich Quick (HUM 7) Poster

Ryan Hersker, Jaxiry Betancourt, Olivia Kennedy, Samuel Dan-Ayegunle, & Cameron Smith

GHC Digital Herbarium (STEM 3) Poster

Ariana Mraz

Golf Barrier Netting (HUM 12) Poster

Andruw Shorts

Guess Who? (EXB 8) Exhibit

Imani Graham, Adan Urizar, Ronald Le, & Markethia Leonard

Hamilton Park Cardreader (HUM 21) Poster

Rajneet Kaur

Harlem Renaissance (HUM 9) Poster

Jessica Ryan, Will Cawthon, & Sidney Portugal

Home Depot Equipment Management (HUM 16) Poster

Jacob Haynes

I'll Buy Plants (EXB 10) Exhibit

Jordan Poe

The Imagination Of Harley Dexter (EXB 16) Exhibit

Harley Dexter

Implementing an AI Tutoring System for Enhanced Learning and Student Success (FAC 8) Poster

Ericka Walczak

Ingles Paging System (HUM 15) Poster

Jenna Cox

Intrinsic Scholars Academy Cleaning (HUM 17) Poster

Trinity Hamilton

Liebig's Law (STEM 1) Poster

Hannah Rutledge

Life in Ecuador (HUM 4) Poster

Isaac Carroll

Life's A Hurricane. Be A Tree. (FAC EXB 21) Exhibit

Chelsea Carver

Lives Affected By Transgender Politics (EXB 4) Exhibit

Levi Marton

Management throughout the Progression of Kidney Disease (HSCI 4) Poster

Susan Reagan

Matting Company Ticketing System (BUS 3) Poster

Kenneth Parrott, Brandon Honore, & Yanira Molina

Mom (EXB 19) Exhibit

Deborah Desil

My Jewel (EXB 17) Exhibit

Lea Richardson

New Card Reader (HUM 18) Poster

Abigail Watson

Nicaragua's Attractions (HUM 5) Poster

Ana Reynoso

The Nonbinary Nature of Sex & Gender: New Perspectives from Biology and Genetics (STEM 7) Poster

Tammy Tapp

Notre Dame (EXB 20) Exhibit

Deborah Desil

Oedipus Techs (EXB 6) Exhibit

Davis Newman, Micah Kunf, Clay Wiesen, Max Eichenberger, & Josh Loudermilk

Online Education Resource: How to Author Amazing Resources (FAC 1) Poster

Paula Stover & Debbie Amason

Opening a Restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia (HUM 35) Poster

Angel Valle Martinez

Panera Drive Thru (HUM 26) Poster

Mary Martinez

The Power of Plants (STEM 6) Poster

Alexis Rogers

Promoting Psychological Safety in Nursing Learning Environments: A Discussion of Facilitators and Barriers (FAC 3) Poster

Lourdes Webster, Patricia Cooper & Babette Barber

The Psychological and Physiological Effects of Stress, Burnout, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Practices to Incorporate to Achieve Psychological and Emotional Resiliency in Healthcare Workers (HSCI 1) Poster

Kelsey Dunham

Research Proposal On Improving Oceanic Education (EXB 1) Exhibit

Madelynn Ritchey

Rising Cost of the Olympic Games (HSCI 2) Poster

Reagan Manning

Shoulder Dystocia (HSCI 5) Poster

De'Nisha Durham

Simplifying Our Online Clothing Store Operations (BUS 4)

Fernando Cordova, Tristen Sprayberry, Stewart Cates, & Ethan Saunders

Southern Gothic (HUM 8) Poster

Lizbeth Arreola, Tiffany Russell, & Joseph Bush

Star Wars: A Test Of Patience (EXB 11) Exhibit

Collin Talent

Starting a Construction Company in Mexico (HUM 36) Poster

Gavin Reed

Stream of Consciousness (HUM 11) Poster

Miguel Santiago, India Banks, & James Carson

Study Of A Human Newborn From Birth To Two Months Of Age - Innate Reflexes And Developmental Milestones (EXB 3) Exhibit

Lyzette Schott

Sustainable Solutions to Environmental Issues in Literature (HUM 3) Poster

Madison Buckles

Teaching Critical Thinking in Survey History Courses (FAC 9) Poster

Jayme Feagin

Texas Roadhouse Waiting Room (HUM 24) Poster

Samuel Ford

Thompson Hotel LAZ Parking (HUM 20) Poster

Will Andres

Three Taverns Church Daycare App (HUM 13) Poster

Charity Warari

Through The Magical Garden (EXB 12) Exhibit

Alexis Holliman

Through the Surrealist Lens: Art and Mental Health (HUM 1) Poster

Julianna Lynch

Training Practices (HUM 22) Poster

William Holmes

Upside-down Dog Portrait (EXB 13) Exhibit

Najeb Rana

The Varsity Waste Reduction (HUM 25) Poster

Christian Vital-Herne

Vitiligo Is Beautiful (EXB 15) Exhibit

Jacquline Palacios

Why CGMs are becoming the New Standard of Care in Glucose Monitoring (HSCI 3) Poster

Elisabeth Boyd

Your Country Needs You! The National Decline in the Skilled Labor Workforce (SSE 2) Poster

Cara Montes