2023 Program

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Acrylic on Canvas Exhibit

Nancy Mistry

Antibacterial Effect of Allium Sativum (garlic) Extract Against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococci Aureus Poster

Jimena Hernandez Martinez

Avenue Boutique: New Location Poster

Anna Lively

The Balanced Mother Exhibit

Carrie Kindt

Basketball Lessons in Spain Poster

Chris Marshall

Beat Generation: Literary Movement Poster

Maycie Gwin, Jefry Capinegro, Chase Gundlach, Dylan McLaughlin, & Sean Wilson

The Benefits of Implementing Multiple Approaches to Learning in the Classroom Poster

Zoe Craig

Bruster's: New Intercom System Poster

KaLeah Daniel

Business Major Poster

Melanie Balderas & Tristan Mercer

Butterfly in the Field Exhibit

Lindsey Reaid

Careers that Help People Poster

Sarah Stammen, Kennedy Victor, Sara Klotzer, & Yzadora Joseph

Chick-fil-A: Ice Cream Machine Improvements Poster

Hayden Poarch

Chile Fuego Poster

Alexander Thomann

A Classroom Influenced by Social Constructivism Poster

Caitlyn O'Guin

Cognitive Learning is the Way to Go Poster

McKinsey Spinks

Computer Science Poster

Alexander Godoy, Isaac Ray, Colton Andrew Lindsey, & Dawson Gulasa

Course Redesign for Student Success in Chemistry Courses Offered at a Distance Poster

Darkus Newton, Ryan O'Connor, Justin Polizzi, & Maria Holt

Cracker Barrel Sale Goals Poster

Kimberly Cruz

Cracker Barrel's To Go System Poster

Makayla Huskins

Criminal Justice Poster

Annika Dollevoet, Collin Coomer, Abieyuwa Eweka, & Georgia Jennings

Cuscatlán Coffee Poster

J.T. Hinson

CVS Pharmacy: Additional Security Cameras Poster

Jackson Bartmess

Degree Completion Poster

Lauren Collins, Andrew Clark & Nicholas Clark

Degree Completion: Business Poster

Melanie Bandaras & Trinitn Mercer

Developing Instructor Led Strategies for Improving Substantive Interactions and Student Success in CHEM1151K Online Poster

Justin Polizzi, Maria Holt, Ryan O'Connor, & Darkus Newton

Do Stimulant Drugs Increase Focus and Productivity? Exhibit

Areli Mojica

Dog Daycare & Boarding Budget Exhibit

Jade Waggoner

Down with Content Tyranny in Microbiology Presentation

Lisa Branson, Kimberly Subacz, Mahirah Baker, Ejiroghene Ogaga, Banhi Nandi, & James Matheson
We will investigate how removing content tyranny from a foundational microbiology course can increase student success and retention, and allow instructors more time to incorporate active learning strategies. Student presentations and assigned readings via Perusall will be included in the active learning strategies. Five instructors will design their Foundations of Microbiology (BIOL2260) courses to examine the impact changing the number of chapters, the approach to covering the content, and assessments will have on student success despite variations in course timeframes.

Eccentric Operation Exhibit

McKenzee Holt, Haley Wells, Bradley Walraven, & Nick Browning

Entrepreneurship Poster

Anthony Jacobo, Colby Cochran, Reece Robertson, & Khady Diaw

The Effects of Acetyl Salicylic Acid on Lettuce and Pea Seed Development and Germination Poster

Kylie Ingram & Hugo Coronado

Explorations of America before 1850 Poster

Jailin Hernandez, Jacob Bryant, Dylan Sloss & Jimena Hernandez

The Federalist Papers Poster

Lily McKinney, Kailey Williams, Joe Nichols, & Tylan Araujo

Firehouse Subs Poster

Zoey Rowe

Fixing Our Tablets Poster

Aliina Jordan Quiles

The Future Hendrix Exhibit

Chanin Kenner

Gay Frogs and their Link to Cancer in Humans Presentation

Cheyenne Bailey
The herbicide Atrazine, which is commonly used in our agriculture, is an endocrine disruptor. It has been observed to cause male frogs to produce viable eggs and mate with each other. Evidence has also shown that Atrazine is linked to cancer in humans. I will explain the implications as well as steps we can take to help make a change, as this can directly impact our health.

Geoscience Education Research Project: Student Benefits and Effective Design of a CURE Presentation

Billy Morris
I am replacing a multiple-choice Final Exam in GEOL 1121k with a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience (CURE). Students have self-reported that the CURE I will be using (adapted from Kortz and Kraft 2016) increased their knowledge related to the course and improved their soft skills, confidence, science skills, and understanding of and appreciation for science and scientists, and that they carried ideas from the CURE beyond the classroom.

Harlem Renaissance Literary Movement Poster

Maggie Shook, Kesia Lopez, Dawson Flemons, Cole Turner, & Giles Turner

Henry James: The Literary Monet Poster

Kylie Ledbetter

Hidden Chemicals in your Water Poster

Hannah Rutledge

Home Depot: Self-Checkout Problems Poster

Joaquin Holcomb

How Children Learn Poster

Nahla Webb

How Children Learn Best Poster

Melody Maughon

How Communication Evolves Through Dating Into Marriage Presentation

Savanna Lusk
I am researching the dynamics of human communication and how it changes and shifts through the stages of dating, into long-term relationships, and further into marriage. I will be evaluating the Knapp Relational Development Model and sourcing information we discuss in class, researching published works of those who have made lifelong careers about human dynamics and communication, as well as interviewing psychological experts not only on basic human relationships but prolonged and various intimate relationships, about the varying degrees of communication, what they indicate about a relationship, and the relevance of good communication for a successful relationship or marriage.".

Human Health and Wildlife Decline Poster

Allison Vessell

Human Impacts on Hammerhead Sharks Exhibit

Kayley Agan (Shepherd)

Imperial Pet Resort Presentation

Sarah Hart
Imperial pet resort is a Parisian style dog boarding and grooming place that is here to make the lives of being a pet owner easier and to make both you and your dog feel loved. Along with grooming and boarding, we offer services including doggy day care, pet portraits and dog training. We also will be selling products such as dog supplements, clothing, & accessories.

Improving Scientific Communication Skills through Self-Reflection Poster

Merry Clark

Improving the Student Experience in Online Chemistry: Regular Communication Tools Poster

Ryan O'Connor, Justin Polizzi, Darkus Newton & Maria Holt

Ingles: Bathroom Renovation Poster

Katelyn Sherrill

Increasing Nursing Student Engagement and Success Through Faculty Use of Affective Science Behaviors Poster

Marta Sanderson

Increasing Student Success and Reducing Math Anxiety through Peer Teaching Poster

Ki Song & Tatyana Pavluscenco

Intimate Partner Violence Poster

Guadalupe Franco

Is VR the Future of Technology? Exhibit

Luke Hogan

Knock-off Sodas: Cuba Edition Poster

Kenneth Falb

Learning Approaches: Information Processing Theory Presentation

Spencer Hood
The topic of the Information Processing theory dictates how the theory was created, who created it, what it means, and how it is applied through the lens of educators such as myself. The Information Processing Theory is important in the fact that knowledge is learned primarily through visual aid, such as textbooks and written text. The learner reads, processes, and learns through the act of receiving information. Learning about the information processing theory provides those with a necessary introduction to how students learn in an educational environment.

Lowering Server Turnovers at the Spires at Berry College Poster

August Routledge

Macroinvertebrate Diversity Assessment in Drum Creek Presentation

Ansleigh Peshel
We assessed the biological diversity and ecological functions of macroinvertebrates as part of a larger survey of habitat quality and food web integrity within Drum Creek in the Pettit Environmental Preserve. We gathered data on the diversity and abundance of macroinvertebrates in the stream and assessed their functional feeding groups and the overall water quality of the stream using the Pollution Tolerance Index for present invertebrate groups and the EPT Richness Index. Our profile of macroinvertebrate diversity and food web integrity can be used as a measure of the overall health of the stream and inform future management practices.

Marco's Pizza in Rockmart Poster

Tyler Elletson

Marie Curie, Physicist and Chemist Poster

Sacha Sigler

Masterpieces of Mexican Cinema Poster

Michelle Pineda Tonoco

Meiosis Mitosis and Genetic Variation Poster

Noelia Escutia

My Honors Journey at GHC Poster

Jolene Hayden

My Hotel in the Dominican Republic Poster

Malysha Sanon

Native American Speeches Poster

Mallory Hodge, Emma Anderson, Kaylin Taylor & Victor Campos

Native American Stories of the Beginning of the World Poster

Cesar Hernandez, Michelle Pineda Tinoco, & Aryan Merchant

Native American Trickster Tales Poster

Rhegan Gage, Gracie McGhee, Sarah Bermudez, & Erin Mingioni

Native American Speeches Poster

Mallory Hodge, Emma Anderson, Kaylin Taylor & Victor Campos

New and Improved Introductory Chemistry Laboratory Courses Poster

Kathy Smart & Charles Garrison

Not Sponsored by Disney Exhibit

Victoria Lee, Tucker Durham, Sydney Corbett, & Lachlan Hadley

Osteoporosis Tools Used in the Nursing Home Poster

Madison Hold

Pizzaco Database Poster

Aryan Merchant & Yvan Ngah

Poems from the Civil War Poster

Hannah Hilburn, Emily Martinez, Lizett Esmeralda Martinez, & Carson Phillip Sharp

Political Discourse and the Social Media Dilemma Presentation

Camille McLean
Social media has a potentially dangerous impact on the promotion of news distortion. Its butterfly effect controls how users consume and promote content designed to create distrust and a political divide. Many sources used in this paper were written before the 2020s, highlighting early predictions and warnings of what social media could do. If we are to get ahead of this issue, we must understand how social media works in the first place.

Problem of the Week Assessment Presentation

Jeffrey Linek
The U.S. Department of Education requires that distance education courses have regular substantive interaction between faculty and students. Over the years, various authors have suggested that regular assessment of students, along with sufficient, constructive feedback, is a valuable part of the learning process. While the Pearson MyLab homework system, used in Precalculus, MATH1113, provides a mechanism for students to learn through trial and guidance, it alone may not contribute to the success of all students. This presentation will outline an upcoming project to increase student success in online MATH1113 through the use of regular low stakes assessment activities to which guided feedback will be provided.

The Root of It All Exhibit

Madison Johnson

Ruby’s Rainbow Crocheted Blanket Exhibit

BreAnna White

Sales Goal: Cracker Barrel Poster

Kimberly Cruz

Smith's Dealership Database Poster

Bradley Walraven & Aliya Momin

Southern Women Authors Poster

Jade Najarro, Brittany Lewis-Pilgrim, Jesse Muto, & Josh Hall

Stream of Consciousness Literary Technique Poster

Christin Fleetwood, Vanessa Muñoz, Savannah Jordan, & Ray Young

Student Success: How Mini Lecture Videos can BOOST your GRADE Poster

Samantha Lewis

Strengthen Communites, Students and Faculty with Mental Health First Aid Poster

Paula Stover

Subway: Machine Technology Poster

Lydia O'Hare

SuperCuts: New Salon Chairs Poster

Brandy Roberson

Tacos of Mexico! Poster

Yvonne Kabuga

Town Kafka-Esque Exhibit

Jolene Hayden, Jason Dudley, & Christian Shinall

Unplugging from Screens: The Benefits of Switching to Paper-Based Homework for Mathematics Courses Poster

Zac Johnston & Gretchen Kotz

Upgrading the Shop Poster

Garrett Beatty

Vamos a Machu Picchu Poster

Jonathan Coss

Waffle House: Door Corps Poster

Charles Higdon

Waves of Change: The Role of Piracy in Colonial America Poster

Crystal Lee

What Can Open AI Do? Exhibit

Kevin Sajous

Why Does Acquaintance Rape and Sexual Assault Go Unnoticed? Exhibit

Maggie Jones

Wiggle Worms Kids' Playplace: Industrial Fans Poster

Kimmori Hester

Women's Rights Poster

Giorgia Conduff, Mia Nicklas, Brianna Slaton, & Kaitlyn Davies