Items to Complete before Graduating

Complete Petition for Graduation Application:
The deadline is one semester prior to the semester for completion of requirements.
Curriculum Substitution(s):
A process to request that a course taken will substitute for one required in the prescribed curriculum for your program of study; see your advisor.  Have an alternate plan should the substitution not be approved.
Choose the correct catalog for your program of study:
You may choose any one catalog in effect while you have been a student at Georgia Highlands College.
18 semester hours of degree credit level classes must be completed at Georgia Highlands College.
Must be 2.0 overall.
Georgia Constitution Requirements:
History 1000 for Career Programs  — Political Science 1101 for Transfer Programs.
Georgia History Requirements:
History 1000 for Career Programs — History 2111 or History 2112 for Transfer Programs.  NOTE:  students who transfer in credits for POLS 1101 or HIST 2111/2112 from an out-of-state institution must contact the Academic Dean for Social Science.  For more information on the USG Georgia Legislative Requirements click here.
Name Changes:
Your name will be printed as it is listed in our system. Any name changes must be submitted no later than February 1.   After that date, you may be charged for a replacement diploma.
Financial Obligations:
All fines, library fees, and traffic tickets must be cleared before you receive a diploma.  If you participated in a financial aid loan program, you must have an exit counseling interview.  It is the petitioner’s responsibility to determine if financial obligations are assessed on their accounts.