Carrie Kindt

Celebrating our Graduates: Mom of four returns to college for Graphic Design degree

For spring 2023 graduate Carrie Kindt, the idea of returning to college after 20 years to pursue a degree in Graphic Design at Georgia Highlands College (GHC) was intimidating. However, she overcame that fear and says she made a great decision. 

Enrolling in the Graphic Design pathway has helped the mother of four not only expand her career prospects but has also impacted other aspects of her life. 

“I feel like it’s broadened my horizons, helped me feel more well-rounded, and made me excited to learn anything and everything possible,” she said. “Nearly every day I would come home and talk to my kids around the dinner table about the new things I’d learned.” 

Kindt initially began her college career majoring in architectural drafting, so the Graphic Design pathway at GHC was a natural transition and an opportunity to utilize her talents. 

“Throughout my time as a mom, I was heavily into many crafts, woodworking, painting, gardening and interior design, so I knew I wanted a career where I could implement some level of creativity,” she said. 

Kindt said her experience in the classroom as a returning student has been positive, and that her worries over taking classes with recent high school graduates went away quickly. 

“With all the applied life experiences I’d obtained, learning new things was fun and much easier to manage than the first time around,” Kindt said. 

Going back to college also allowed her to create new memories, like spending evenings completing homework alongside her teenage children. 

“I think it benefited all of us to be on the same page complaining about homework but still pushing through, and for them to see their mom pursuing her degree,” Kindt said. 

Kindt is excited about her future prospects upon graduation. 

“It’s difficult to find work in art, but careers can be found within graphic design,” Kindt said. “I have several friends who have made successful careers out of it and was always a bit envious. They’ve put in much more time, but I hope to get there someday.” 

Her advice for single parents considering attending GHC? “Do it!” 

“I was 38 and knew there was too much life left to just give up and work at an entry-level full-time job. The time will pass either way,” Kindt said. “I could either be 40 or 42 with a degree and pursuing a career I actually enjoy that could lead to bigger and better positions and money throughout the next few decades, or I could be 40 or 42 working a register.” 

In addition, Kindt said, the financial cost of attending GHC was made easier by applying for financial aid. 

“As a returning adult, I was pleasantly surprised that I was awarded Pell Grants that covered tuition,” Kindt said. “So, while I’m foregoing income during this time, at least I’m not taking on additional debt.” 

Georgia Highlands College will hold its 2023 commencement ceremonies on Thursday, May 11, at the Floyd Campus gym, 3175 Cedartown Hwy, Rome GA 30161. The 2023 commencement ceremonies will be held May 11 at 11AM and 7PM, with the Nursing pinning and commencement ceremony at 3PM. More information can be found on the commencement ceremony page regarding details, directions and campus guidelines. 

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