two students in the bookstore

GHC’s bookstores expand services and products

Textbook Brokers is now operating the Georgia Highlands College (GHC) bookstores, offering students greater and more affordable access to books and supplies.  

“Everything we do, we do with the student in mind,” Textbook Brokers’ Regional Sales Manager Nick Sherrod said.   

For example, students will pay the same to rent a book from the GHC bookstore as if they paid to rent through an online retailer such as Amazon.   

In addition to students being able to look up the books needed for their courses using their student ID, the bookstore now offers concierge counter service. A student will provide a bookstore team member with their student ID and the team member can then pull up the student’s schedule and then retrieve necessary materials for that student’s schedule.  

“In our other stores, the concierge counter service has reduced wait times for students,” Sherrod said.  

The new bookstore’s website is more user-friendly and offers free shipping for purchases over $25 as well as access to more than 170,000 items available through Best Buy.  

“We want to provide the same service virtually as we do in-store, so students can go to the website and live chat with actual bookstore staff working in the GHC bookstores,” Sherrod said. “With Best Buy you have discounted and refurbished computers and electronic devices, so students will see very good prices through the GHC bookstore website,” Sherrod said.   

These items may be purchased using financial aid, and products will be shipped to students’ homes.  

The bookstores are located at both the Floyd and Cartersville instruction sites, with online access available at