Budding entrepreneur Eduardo Rico uses GHC business degree to start his own company 

Eduardo Rico said taking classes and earning an associate degree in business from Georgia Highlands College (GHC) helped him see the possibilities and the potential to pursue his passion: starting his own company. 

In October 2021, Rico dedicated himself to his landscaping business called ABI Lawns, LLC., in Rome. 

“I believe that earning a business degree from GHC definitely planted a seed that one day I could manage and own my own business,” Rico said. “I am fortunate enough that I found something that I enjoy and excel at. Applying what I learned while at GHC definitely led to a formula to the success of my business. This can be true for anyone aiming to start a business.” 

As a student, Rico became involved in GHAME and Brother 2 Brother (B2B) at GHC, which helped him build bonds with fellow students and GHC faculty. 

“I struggled with many things as we all do. I reached out for support and ended up getting an entire support system,” Rico said. “I definitely learned a lot and leaned on B2B. In the process I was able to gain confidence and it led me to strive forward – all while helping and supporting others as well.” 

His recommendation to others seeking to start their own business is to focus on preparation early on so when an opportunity arises it’s easier to take on the challenge. 

 “Starting a business can be challenging but the rewards are worth the efforts,” Rico said. “Focus on preparation so that when opportunity comes, you can succeed at whatever it is you are pursuing.”