Group of employees celebrating completing the class

Voestalpine invests in employees with Frontline Leadership Training provided by the Center for Continuing and Professional Education at GHC

Over 30 team leaders from Voestalpine completed Frontline Leadership Training at Georgia Highlands College (GHC) this month.

Voestalpine is an Austrian company operating a plant in Bartow County that makes auto parts. The company invested in their employees recently by enrolling them in the Center for Continuing and Professional Education at GHC.

The Frontline Leadership program is an intensive 30 hours of training equipping participants with skills and tools they can use as they lead and motivate others. Some of the topics included “Inclusive Leadership,” “Communicating with Impact,” “Dealing with Conflict,” and “Problem-Solving and Decision-Making,” plus six more.

“Many local companies have chosen to invest in their teams in this way,“  Teresa Violett McCoy said. She works in the Center for Continuing and Professional Education at GHC.

She added, “The classes happen about twice per month and are open to the public. Or, as in this case with Voestalpine, companies can contract with our Continuing Education department to provide several types of training on their site or ours, including diversity and inclusion training, anti-harassment training, OSHA safety training, computer applications training, and leadership training.”

The Center for Continuing and Professional Education at GHC is currently offering a series of Frontline Leadership Certificate Classes, Leadership Courses and computer classes at the Cartersville site, as well as industry specific and online courses.

In addition to these courses, local companies may partner with the Center for Continuing Education to offer more specialized, targeted training for employees.

“Georgia Highlands College seeks to assist our communities and business partners by offering lifelong learning opportunities. These can be courses that allow individuals to enter the workforce with specialized training or simply workshops and classes that provide personal enrichment and growth,” Assistant Vice President for Finance and Administration Stephanie Loveless said. “The Center for Continuing and Professional Education at GHC is committed to supporting all the communities we serve.”

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Frontline Leadership Certificate Classes

The Frontline Leadership Certificate Classes are 10, three-hour classes covering a range of topics, including self-management, communication, motivational skills, inclusive leadership, problem-solving and more.

“The workshops are designed as stand-alone courses, but if a student completes all 10, they are presented with a special certificate of completion from the college,” Administrative Assistant for Continuing Education Teresa McCoy said.

Frontline Leadership courses are often attended by employees where the course is paid for by their employer. However, these courses offer valuable training to individuals in various industries and positions.

“Folks who recently got promoted to team leader or shift manager take them, but also those in HR or middle management gain from the courses as well,” McCoy said. “Really anyone can benefit because the bottom line is learning how to get along better with others.”

For example, McCoy said a recent attendee of the Frontline Leadership classes took the classes on his own.

“He said numerous times, ‘I wish I had known some of these techniques earlier in my career,’” McCoy said.

Other available Leadership Courses included behavioral-based safety and diversity and inclusion training.

Computer Technology 

Computer courses offered by the center explore Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

“We participate in a program with Microsoft to offer a certificate program in Excel,” McCoy said. “If a student completes six out of the seven courses we offer, or 36 hours of training, they receive a Microsoft Excel Proficiency Certificate.”

McCoy said because Excel is such a popular application in the modern workplace that students from a variety of industries have been seeking to learn how to better utilize the program.

“Even if you work with Excel every day, there are always ways to become more proficient and efficient in using it,” McCoy said. “The instructor teaches lots of short cuts and multiple ways to gain the same outcome.”

In October the Center for Continuing Education will offer two courses in Microsoft Power BI – an interactive visualization software program with a focus on business intelligence sought by local companies.

Medical and Online 

In addition to leadership and computer courses, the center partners with a company called Career Training Solutions to offer some in-demand medical courses, such as Medical Billing and Coding, Phlebotomy Technician and Clinical Medical Assistant.

For those seeking more flexibility, the center also partners with companies to offer thousands of online courses.

“These are inexpensive, accessible courses that usually last six to eight weeks. Some are offered as self-paced courses, while others include access to an instructor through email,” McCoy said. “But you can process the lessons as it’s convenient for you – during your lunch hour or late at night.”

Some popular online courses include American Sign Language, Accounting Fundamentals and Speed Spanish, with more courses on the way. To see the courses being offered, visit

In addition to these courses, local companies have partnered with the Center for Continuing Education to offer more specialized, targeted training for employees. Click here to learn more and register for classes today.