New ‘Charger Learning Commons’ innovates the library experience for students at GHC

What students need from a library can change daily based on course projects and research or even student organization efforts. The library at Georgia Highlands College (GHC) is working to innovate spaces on campus to better serve students. This week, GHC’s Library System opened the first “Charger Learning Commons” on the Paulding site with plans to expand to other sites in the near future.

The “Charger Learning Commons” reflects a shift in the mission and scope of the traditional library setting. The space has been designed to serve as a flexible, comfortable and collaborative location for students, faculty and staff.

Dean of Libraries and College Testing Julius Fleschner stated research shows students want spaces that they can make their own and that are accessible.

“The new ‘Charger Learning Commons’ at Paulding is flexible and can be reconfigured based on the needs of the hour,” he added. “This includes a comfortable student lounge, moveable tables, whiteboards and technology.”

The space also includes a resource center, a study area and rooms for meetings and events.

In addition to the emphasis on flexibility, students using the “Charger Learning Commons” will find books, computers, laptops, telescopes, calculators and all the other resources available across the GHC Library System.

“We are extremely proud of the new space and its capacity to serve our students and community,” Librarian Laura Gargis said. “The focus on flexible, usable space allows the ‘Charger Learning Commons’ to meet the needs of the GHC Paulding site head on.”

Fleschner said the GHC Library System plans to expand the “Charger Learning Commons” to other GHC sites, including the new location for GHC’s Marietta site, which will open this summer.