Duo Mobile Second Factor Authentication (Update)

Easier, Faster Duo Authentication That Helps GHC Save Money? Yes Please!

There are a variety of methods you can utilize with our Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provider. While receiving a phone call or text message passcodes may seem intuitive, the Duo Mobile app is the easiest and most flexible way to sign in to your GHC accounts. Even if your smartphone or tablet doesn’t have access to Wi-Fi or cellular data, you can still use the Duo Mobile app to generate a passcode in order to access your accounts.

 SMS passcodes or phone calls are certainly valid methods and can be used if you have no other alternative. However, these methods create additional licensing costs for the institution. GHC is charged for “telephony credits” that are consumed with each use of SMS texts or phone calls. These credits are billed to the institution on top of the general licensing fees we already pay for our students and employees.

 The Division of Information Technology encourage everyone to try using the Duo Mobile app before using an alternative. U2F security keys are another great option for MFA. These inexpensive devices are available in the bookstore and can be used as either a primary (or backup) method to sign in to your GHC accounts. You can also use your U2F security key to protect your personal online accounts!

 You can read more about Duo authentication options on our website at: sites.highlands.edu/information-technology/duo/

 You can change your Duo authentication options anytime by visiting: duoportal.highlands.edu