GHC Inform – Frequently Asked Questions


The system does require you to authenticate (login with your network credentials) with your username/password to submit articles.  Why is this necessary?  It is very important for us to maintain the security of this information.  Obviously, the messages are intended for employees, but posting to the system is also intended for employees only and therefore we must protect the system from outsiders who would arbitrarily post unwanted messages.  If you check the “remember me” box on the system, it should remember you on that browser for subsequent sessions, unless you clear your cookies.

What can I post?

You can post the same types of general announcements as before on “Everyone on all campuses.”  There are fields for:  Title, Category, Content, and an optional Attachment.  Please note that when choosing an image, this image will not display in-line with the post.  It will be available to the reader to click on to access the additional attachment.  Please make sure to consult the list of acceptable attachments (png, jpg, jpeg, gif, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx) before posting a long email, only to have the attachment be of a non-valid format.  We have some initial categories created, but additional categories may be forthcoming as we see a larger body using the system.

Emergency Messages/Time Sensitive Messages

So maybe the question on everyone’s mind is, “What about emergency messages, weather messages, or messages that just can’t wait until the following day?”  Good question.  This system is not intended for that purpose.  While we will limit the use of “Everyone on all campuses” distribution list, there will be a core group of users that will still have access to this distribution list for the purpose of sending out these other categories of messages.  Anyone on the Cabinet will still have access to the “Everyone…” list as well as some other employees identified by their roles.  These users will use this system when appropriate to send out non-announcement types of messages.  Obviously, for serious situations we also still will use our GHC Notify system for texting, emails, and telephone calls as we did last week for weather or emergency situations.  This in no way impacts that system.

Other Distribution Lists

What about use of other campus distribution lists such as:  Floyd Campus, Cartersville Campus, etc.? Indeed there has been some overuse of these lists as well.  For now, these lists will continue to operate as normal as long as they are not abused by everyone switching to using these for all of the general announcements instead of the new GHC Inform.  The intention is to create far less mail for all and have just the one email come each day that has all of the announcements within.