Course grades due dates:

Spring Semester 2019 course grades – due July 1, 2019

Summer Semester 2019 course grades – due August 9, 2019

Send your course grades either through e-mail to: dmendoza@highlands.eduor interoffice mail to: Damaris Mendoza – HR – Cartersville.

Grade Requirements

  • An employee must receive a grade of “C”, or better, in each approved TAP course. The employee must furnish a copy of his/her grade(s) to the TAP Coordinator of the “home institution”.
  • An employee who receives a grade of “D”, or below, in an approved TAP course will be ineligible to participate in the program for one semester. In an instance such as this, the TAP participant will not be personally responsible for repayment/reimbursement this course.
  • An employee, who receives an “Incomplete” in an approved TAP course, will have until the end of the following semester to complete the coursework and submit his/her final course grade to the TAP Coordinator of the “home institution”. An employee must do this to continue participating in the TAP program the next academic semester.

Tuition Assistance Program Policy

TAP Frequently Asked Questions