league sports coaches

Meet the coaches for league sports at GHC

Georgia Highlands College (GHC) is growing its league sports offerings to include soccer, women’s volleyball, cross country and cheerleading as well as basketball and eSports.  

Learn about each of the league’s coaches below, and more about league sports and the upcoming spring Talent Showcase at leaguesports.highlands.edu 

Giselle Tucker – Cheer 

Hi, I am Giselle Tucker, an Assistant Political Science professor at GHC. My role as Coach of the GHC Charger Cheerleaders is based on my background in dance. During my years in dance, I trained in many styles including Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, and Contemporary. When the opportunity arose to head up the program, I was honored to be considered.  

My involvement with league sports was the overarching desire to expand the cheerleading program at Georgia Highlands College. As the cheerleading squad flourishes, I am excited to witness the impact they have made on campus and at sporting events. The members of our team come from varied backgrounds but display a unified desire to achieve not only their academic goals and a sense of collegiate pride as students at GHC.  

Lauren West – Volleyball 

I’m Lauren West, Marketing professor for GHC. I played volleyball for my high school career and post-college I played recreationally. I had the position of a middle hitter but moved around to a setter position which I loved the most.  

I became involved with league sports because I think it opens so many doors for GHC students. We are not just a commuter college; I want to help students create lifetime memories.  

I am ready for league sports to start so we can start having fun, while being active and representing GHC. Any participating freshman can gain a sense of belonging to GHC and create a network of teammates to go with them past their time at GHC. 

Daneille Steele – Cross Country 

I’m Danielle Steele, Division Chair for the School of Humanities. I have been distance running for about a decade. In that time, I have ran more than 55 half marathons and am currently training for my 15th full marathon.  

I’m working with local group Wire2Wire running to get this team started. The two coaches for that program, David Matherne and Matt Terry, know so much about running, and David, an elite cross-country runner, has led other local programs to continued success. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to work with him to create a program of excellence at GHC.  

I feel like running is something that anyone can do and I am excited to not only get the league team started, but also to create a running club at GHC that allows anyone who wants to train and run a 5K to do so.  In high school, I couldn’t even run a mile, and when I started running, I could only run 20-seconds at a time. If I can go from that to running marathons, I know that anyone with determination, consistency, and proper training can run 3.1 miles.  

Running has gotten me through some of my toughest challenges in my academic career. Not only is this a great way for students to get involved with the school and make close friends, but also they may develop a lifelong habit that will keep them healthier and happier. 

Oris Guillaume – Soccer 

I’m Oris Guillaume, Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Economics. My goal is to educate soccer players on the best ways to have a long-term in the game. I became involved with soccer because I like to help others to enjoy soccer. Passion and love keep me involved, and as a coach I plan to create a pregame routine for my players to prepare them to deliver a strong game.   

I have 15 years of volunteer coaching for club teams at various levels and ages, helping young soccer players enjoy their passion for football in public schools and churches and offering players the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful game. 

I played soccer in high school and college both as a player and goalkeeper. In 1994 I became a certified soccer coach. 

My goal is to inspire a player to make an impact in this world. I am excited about league sports because I can help a player to be successful.  

Dalton Lamelle – Basketball  

Dr. Lemelle, a part-time instructor for the School of Humanities, has coached Men’s Basketball for 21 years at the Recreational, Club, Military, Collegiate, and Professional levels. He has coached teams at the Military level while being stationed in North Dakota and Saudi Arabia. Once he retired from the Air Force, he settled down in Arkansas to coach at the club, collegiate and professional level in Arkansas.  

After moving to Georgia, in 2014 he began coaching again at the recreational and club level. His recreational and club teams are extremely competitive and do compete in Men’s Recreational leagues, college and post-grad Academy teams. 

He has coached against teams from 33 different states to include teams from Alaska, Hawaii, (Middle East, Qatar) and Winnipeg, Canada. He was also an Athletic Director for the Little Rock Job Corps Center. He holds Master of Science Degrees in Instructional Technology and Sports Administration and a Doctorate in Higher Education and Leadership. 

Victoria Banks – eSports  

I’m Victoria Banks, an English Instructor for the School of Humanities. Most of my work with eSports has been as a fan and as a video game journalist. I like watching advanced competitive gameplay for some of my favorite multiplayers, and it was always exhilarating when I covered live events for articles. 

My interests are to support students in their hobby or careers in gaming whether as a coach, advisor, mentor, or teacher. I’m passionate about this field as a someone whose focus of study is game script writing and interactive design. I’ve found that serving as one of the game club advisors has been rewarding, and I look forward to offering my assistance to the esports team as well. 

I think one of the greatest things students can gain from club sports will be community. The relationships you build in your teams will last and open up worlds of opportunities, growth, and support.