Photo of Brandon Dyer on football field.

GHC journalism student volunteers to cover local high school sports

While Brandon Dyer’s coverage of Charger Athletics is a mainstay for the Six Mile Post (SMP) at Georgia Highlands College (GHC), his journalistic endeavors extend off campus, as well. Most recently, he covered this season’s Model High School football games for regional and local news website 

“It was important for me to cover Model High School football because it showed me that I can cover a full season of a football team,” Dyer said. “Seeing the raw emotions of a sporting event while being next to players is something that I will never forget.” 

He said the SMP has been the perfect place for him to begin his journalism career, citing Assistant Professor of Journalism and Communications and Co-Advisor Allison Hattaway’s influence. 

For Dyer, enrolling in the Journalism pathway at Georgia Highlands College (GHC) was just the beginning. In just two short years, Dyer received numerous awards from state and regional press institutes for his sports writing, photography and podcasting skills featured by the Six Mile Post (SMP) student news agency. 

“I decided to enroll at GHC in spring 2020 because I was in search of a journalism program that would properly teach me the ins and outs of the industry,” Dyer said. 

Before Dyer even enrolled at GHC, seeing copies of the SMP on news racks during a campus visit piqued his interest for what could be in store for him as a student. 

“That was enough for me to notice that I wanted to get involved with the student organization rather quickly,” he said. 

In addition to receiving awards for his work, proud moments of Dyer’s journalism career with the SMP include taking over the publication’s sports’ section after his first two semesters and co-hosing the Post Buzzer podcast with fellow student Austin Williams.  

While the opportunity to cover local football games provided Dyer with real-world experience in sports journalism, it also opened doors and reinforced his love of football and journalism. 

“The connections that I made locally and withing the Model coaching staff is something that I will forever be thankful for,” he said. “Being on the sidelines with the team has further implemented how much passion that I have for the sport.” 

Dyer said students should make the most of any opportunities offered to them while at GHC. 

“While you may be in a rush to get through college, make sure you are also gaining experience in your desired career field,” he said. “It may be the thing that helps you break through that barrier on a resumé.”