Photo of Chris and Patrick Daniel.

Father and son working on college degree goals together

Film student Patrick Daniel is in his first semester at Georgia Highlands College (GHC). Like many students, he finds it helpful to be involved on campus and to have a classmate to study with, even if they’re pursuing a different major. 

His father, Chris Daniel, is working toward a psychology degree from GHC. Both he and his son serve as staffers on the Six Mile Post (SMP) student news outlet. 

“It’s been pretty good going to college with my dad because he has been helping me with essays and other projects because he has similar classes to me,” Patrick said. 

Since enrolling at GHC, Patrick said he has gained a sense of greater independence, and that there are benefits of working with the SMP as well. 

At the SMP, Patrick’s first assignment was writing an opinion piece on the series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law,” with Chris providing the accompanying graphic. 

“Doing interviews has helped me with my social anxiety and talking to people,” Patrick said. 

Chris said he decided to enroll at GHC in the winter of 2021 after becoming dissatisfied with his job of nearly 30 years and wanted a change. 

“GHC’s location and its’ affordability made it an obvious choice,” Chris said. 

As a longtime artist and writer, Chris said joining the SMP has been a valuable experience and has given him a purpose to get back to something he enjoyed doing. It has also had a positive effect on him personally and in his classes. 

“Working with the SMP also took me out of my comfort zone by forcing me to interview strangers, which is a thing that I needed very much,” Chris said. “Things I have learned in sociology, for instance, find their way into the paper, and things I learn from my experience with the paper aid me in my class work,” he said. 

While Patrick and Chris may not have classes together, they are taking similar courses. 

“We are both taking COMM 1100 this semester, albeit with different instructors” Chris said. “So, we are enjoying a little friendly competition.” 

Chris says his time at GHC has helped him grow personally and professionally. 

“I have already used my progress to change career fields,” Chris said. “I now work as a Registered Behavior Technician, providing therapy to children with autism.” 

Following graduation from GHC, both Patrick and Chris have plans to continue their education.