GHC president shares vision for the future


It has been a busy month and a half for Georgia Highlands College President Dr. Mike Hobbs.

Recently, the college started a new “Ready to Start” scholarship for any student who falls a few hundred dollars short of paying after financial aid and other scholarships have been applied.

GHC is also working on adding an 8th Bachelor’s Degree program of study.

Dr. Hobbs also wants to see more activity back on the campuses.

“I want to start doing things on our campuses for our employees, our faculty, our staff, their families, and then the community,” he said.  “I want to start getting the community back on our campuses and our lake.  In Cartersville, we have so much green space up there.  Then, start giving students to stay on our campuses.  We find that a lot of the time, it’s car-class-car.  They come in their car, go to class, then get in their car and go home.  We want them to stay on our campuses and be a Georgia Highlands student.”

He also wants to see more community involvement in the decisions college administrators make.

“We are the talent producer for our footprint,” he added.  “So, whatever is in our footprint, we need to know from our economic partners what it is that they need.  Because we educate you here, we get you a degree here, we get you in a job here, you raise your family here, and your kids stay here.  We are here for our footprint.”

Hobbs was a guest on Tuesday’s First News with Tony McIntosh.