Breanna Normandy joins one of the fastest growing career sectors after earning bachelor’s at GHC

After adding a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia Highlands College to her resume, Breanna Normandy broke into the rapidly growing field of logistics and supply chain management, which was the focus of her degree.

She said her decision to enroll at GHC for a bachelor’s degree was crucial for getting the career she was looking for, and her time at GHC helped her learn the skills necessary to be an effective leader.

“There is nothing you cannot do with this degree,” she said.

Breanna works as a Warehouse Supervisor for National Diversified Sales, Inc. (NDS). She’s also in charge of Retail Customer Compliance. Originally interning for the company as a part of her studies at GHC, she said the company created the supervisor position in order to bring her on full time after she graduated.

“There is endless opportunity,” she said.

A typical day for Breanna has her flexing all her bachelor’s degree skills, she added.

“I spend about 50% of my time in the warehouse, helping and observing safety and productivity,” she said. “For the other 50%, I am creating Tableau dashboards for retail compliance, disputing charges with retailers, and on many process improvement calls.”

But for her, what’s even more exciting, is the opportunity to help the company continue to grow through her supervisory role, saying she hopes she can help “create more supervisor positions in NDS at all our warehouses to continue the great mentorship NDS has to offer.”

Breanna said that managing communication and workflow across a large warehouse operation effectively can be one of the most challenging aspects of her role, but GHC’s bachelor’s program prepared her to be a great leader in the workplace.

On top of the most interesting topics for her, like learning about the in-depth process of internal logistics, Breanna said the leadership classes she took in the bachelor’s program have been essential to her. She even goes back to reference her class notes and textbooks for guidance when confronting a particularly difficult scenario.

Additionally, Breanna notes the bonds she built with her fellow classmates in the same bachelor’s cohort who went through the program alongside her and helped her develop key leadership skills like teamwork.

“Being in the same class with the same students created such a strong bond and friendship as a group,” she said, adding she and her classmates would go out to dinner and enjoy other activities and events together. “One girl from class is now my best friend and I speak to her every day. Another friend from class gave me my German Shepherd after class one day and now he’s the light of my life.”

Breanna added that anyone considering the Bachelor of Business Administration in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at GHC should know the program itself is designed to give students the knowledge and skillset needed to be successful in the field – and she’s the proof.