What’s in a library visit at GHC?

If you asked someone, “What’s inside a library?” The answer would probably be, “Books.” And while that’s true, the library at Georgia Highlands College offers a whole lot more. In fact, recent studies show that visiting a library, like the one at GHC, is directly tied to higher overall GPAs, higher course grades, and increased success rates toward graduating with a college degree.

So what exactly can be found at a GHC library?

Let’s ask Jessica Osborne. She is an Assistant Professor of Library and Information Science and Campus Librarian at GHC.

“We provide study rooms, computers for in-branch use and check out, study help during critical times in the semester, countless digital resources, in-person support for research, academic advising and essential workshops on everything from using Microsoft Word to Zotero,” she said. “We frequently offer library workshops, but we also partner with other offices on campus to bring informative and fun, educational workshops/programs to our space.”

Study rooms, computers, workshops. That’s a lot! How can each of these resources be broken down to learn more?

Let’s ask Tanya Farmer. She is a current GHC student and works at the GHC library as a work-study student.

“Learning to utilize library resources is a great preventative tool for alleviating common stressors associated with not knowing how to research or where to go for research needs,” she said. “Learning to navigate the library’s LibGuides gives students access to additional learning tools that will help ingrain the knowledge needed for their academic and professional growth.”

For GHC students, learning how to access and use the library’s resources is easy thanks to a series of videos explaining how to conduct research through GALILEO, the Proquest database and Special Information Resources. Additionally, videos on how to use other library resources and informative videos on D2L, Netiquette, and the virtual library tools can also be found on YouTube.

Why does using GHC’s library and its resources work?

A three-year assessment by the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) showed direct correlations between libraries and student success. Students who received information literacy instruction – learning how to navigate the library and its various services to obtain information — and regularly used the library and its resources were shown to obtain higher GPAs, higher course grades and would remain on track toward graduation more so than students who did not take advantage of library services.

The research conducted by ACRL also showed libraries that offer collaborative academic programs and services enhance student learning. Georgia Highlands College’s libraries often collaborate with the Tutorial Center, which provides face-to-face and virtual tutoring in math, English and writing, science and other subjects, including Spanish and Computer Science.

How to get started at GHC’s library today!

The library at GHC also provide access to thousands of physical books as well as e-books and streaming media through affiliates like OverDrive, Kanopy and Flipster. Click here to begin using the library and its resources today.