Now available: 8-week and 10-week class options at GHC

EXTENDED DEADLINE: Apply for Late Start class options by August 20! Learn more below.

Completing a course sooner at Georgia Highlands College is made possible with 8-week and 10-week class options provided through “Late Start.” Future students and current students can choose to begin a course or add a course outside the traditional 16-week semester classes.

Deadlines for registration and class options in the 8-week and 10-week format can be found at

Learn more about Late Start classes:

What is Late Start?

GHC provides multiple options for taking classes. Late Start allows you to choose from a variety of subjects, courses, campuses and start dates. In these courses, you’ll be able to complete a semester-long class in a shorter amount of time.

Often students in Late Start classes receive additional opportunities to engage with instructors due to smaller class sizes.

Although Late Start courses condense a traditional semester into a shorter amount of time, the same amount of course material is covered with a focus on course objectives.

Why should I consider Late Start classes?

The Late Start format is a great option for current, new and non-traditional students looking to complete courses in a short amount of time.

Current students seeking to get ahead will benefit from the condensed semester courses, allowing them to quickly gain additional credit toward graduation. Adding a Late Start class that begins later in the semester to a 16-week traditional schedule helps students advance toward graduation.

A non-traditional student with a full-time job, kids or other commitments may opt to take fewer classes at a time and in a shorter amount of time.

New students who haven’t started or who would like to start later in the semester have the option to begin with Late Start classes making it an ideal way to get started on the path toward a college degree.

How do I get started?

Class options in the 8-week and 10-week format can be found at, but let our friendly admissions team help you through the process by going to and letting us know you’re ready to take a Late Start class.

If you’re a current student, reach out to an academic advisor at to help you through the process of selecting an 8-week or 10-week class to add to your current schedule that works for you.