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Exam Description

eCore – allows University System of Georgia students the opportunity to complete some core courses for their degree pathway in an online environment. eCore courses are taught entirely online and are designed, developed, taught and supported by faculty and staff from the USG.

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents requires that each eCore course contain at least one proctored experience (midterms and/or finals).

Test Preparation

Being prepared for an exam before arriving at the testing location is essential. Please contact your instructor if you have questions about exam content or how to prepare PRIOR to your testing session.

Who is the exam for?

Students taking online courses through the eCore/eCampus program (

What GHC locations offer this exam?

Cartersville and Floyd

What if I am not near a GHC location?

Students can search for an affiliated testing center near them on the eCore Proctored Exams Information site:

How much does this exam cost and where can I pay?

$25 per exam

Charge for the exam can be paid the day of testing at the Business Office or business office representative at each location.

What items can I bring to the test?

You are required to bring a government-issued photo ID with signature (driver’s license, passport, state ID, military ID) that is current and valid.

Other items allowed during testing are determined and communicated to students by the instructor.

GHC proctors will follow all instructions given to Testing Services by the instructor. No exceptions will be made.

How do I register for the test?

Instructions can be found on the eCore Proctored Exams Information site:

How will I get my scores?

Scores are determined and communicated by the instructor.