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GHC Great Britain Study Abroad Program 2020


Welcome to Great Britain!


Big Ben in London
Georgia Highlands College will have a short-term study abroad program to Great Britain from Friday, May 22-Saturday, May 30, 2020. This trip will take place during GHC’s Maymester term. Classes associated with this study abroad program will either be held during the Maymester or the full summer session (June and July). Some classes meet face to face, while others are online. Study abroad is a wonderful way for students to travel and take classes specifically linked to their travel.
Buckingham Palace in London
Some of the highlights of our trip  include a city tour of London, with stops at Piccadilly Square, Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, Hyde Park, St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. If available, we will see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. In addition, we will visit the Houses of Parliament, the Florence Nightingale museum and the British museum. We will also have company visits to the National Health Service (NHS) and either BP or Shell.
Entrance to the famous underground or "tube" in London
London is very interesting and vibrant city. It holds a place of great significant in History. Furthermore, it is still an important center of world culture, economics and politics. As Britain is an English-speaking country, it will be more comfortable and easier for our group to get around. As such, we will have a half day free in London so that travelers  can explore it on their own.
Windsor Castle in England
While trip to Great Britain will be based in London, there is much more to Great Britain than the city of London. As such, we will travel to several places in England outside of London such as Windsor Castle, Oxford University and Shakespeare’s birthplace at Stratford-Upon-Avon. Our last evening of the trip will be in Stratford-Upon-Avon, where we will attend a play at the Swan Theater.
Shakespeare's birthplace at Stratford-Upon-Avon
The Georgia Highlands College 2020 Great Britain study abroad program is a short, but richly rewarding study abroad program. We will visit sites that are both world famous and relevant for many different academic disciplines. This is a once in a lifetime experience!

Famous red double-decker bus in London

Come travel with us to Great Britain!



Course Offerings

Oxford UniversityThe Georgia Highlands College Great Britain study abroad program combines interesting site visits in Britain with GHC courses. Students who participate in this study abroad program take courses for among the course offerings linked to the program. The GHC Great Britain study abroad program has a wide variety of course offerings in disciplines such as Business, Communication, History and Health Sciences. These courses all include a project of some sort related to site visits in Great Britain. For students, this makes for a particularly unique and rewarding academic experience. Students who go to Britain thus are able to travel and earn course credits that moves them closer to graduation.

For a list of GHC summer 2020 courses linked to the Great Britain study abroad program as well as information about when the classes meet and about the instructors, see the following document:


Trip Itinerary

For a full trip itinerary, see the following document:


How to Apply

To apply, students and business travelers need to download a two page application, complete it and then return it to Dr. Bronson Long, the Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad at Georgia Highlands College. Please e-mail all applications to Dr. Long at the following e-mail address:

To download a student application for the GHC Great Britain study abroad program, please clink on the following link:


Business travelers, namely those with a connection to Georgia Highlands College (members of the northwest Georgia business community, GHC alumni, family of GHC students, faculty and staff) may also participate in the GHC Great Britain study abroad program. The cost for business travelers is the same as for students. However, business travelers who wish to have a private room must pay an additional $550. The link to download an application for business travelers is as follows:


Cost of the GHC Great Britain Study Abroad Program

There are two main expenses to consider with the GHC Great Britain study abroad program. The first for students is the price of the courses linked to the trip. As all of these courses are GHC courses, they are at the same tuition and fee rates as other GHC summer 2020 courses, which is $697.00 for three credit hours and $1,102.00 for six credit hours. Students should register for these classes in the same manner as they would for any other summer 2020 classes. Students who have financial aid may use it to pay for their classes.

The second major expenses for the GHC Great Britain study abroad program is the cost of the trip to Great Britain itself. This applies to both students and business travelers. The trip price includes round-trip airfare, ground transportation, all site visits and museum entrances, guides, hotel accommodations, health and travel insurance and some meals.

The price per traveler for the GHC Great Britain study abroad trip is: $3,800

Upon enrolling in the trip, travelers may pay for the entire balance at once. For those who would like to make payments, payments can be made on the following schedule:

Payment Deadlines:

$500 deposit, due on Thursday, November 21, 2019

$3,300 balance for the trip, due on Thursday, February 6, 2020

Travelers who enroll in the trip late, for example in December or January, will need to pay the entire balance by Thursday, February 6, 2020. All balances for the trip should be paid no later than this date.

In some cases, students may apply Financial Aid to help pay for the trip. Students are strongly urged to speak with a representative in the Financial Aid Office about the details of their Financial Aid package as these details vary from student to student.

In addition, the Georgia Highlands College Foundation has a scholarship for study abroad called the Jim Cook Study Abroad Scholarship. For a link to the application, as well description of this scholarship (scroll down to the Jim Cook Study Abroad Scholarship), please see the Georgia Highlands College Foundation webpage at the following link:

GHC Foundation Scholarship Listing

How to Pay for the GHC Great Britain Study Abroad Program

All payments should be made to the GHC Business Office on your campus. For GHC Business Office hours and operations, as well as contact information at the Floyd and Cartersville campus locations, please see the following:

Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday
8:00am – 5:30pm
8:00am – 12:00pm

Please check the holiday and furlough schedule for official college closings.


P: 678.872.8000
F: 706.295.6610

Academic Bldg.


P: 706.802.5000
F: 706.295.6610

David B.
McCorkle Bldg

When you make a payment, please give the Business Office your name and student ID number. Please specify that you are making a payment for the GHC Great Britain study abroad program. The GHC Business Office accepts check and credit card, although there is a 2.75% service charge for credit cards. As always, it is a good idea to obtain a receipt from the GHC Business Office when you make a payment.

Other expenses:

Travelers who do not have a passport that will be valid through May 2020 will need to obtain a valid passport. Passports should at least be valid through the duration of our stay in Great Britain.  A new passport cost $140. Passport applications should be sent to the US Department of State well in advance as it often takes 4-6 weeks to receive a new passport from the US Department of State. Students who wait until the last minute will either have to pay an additional fee to expedite their passport application or risk not going on the trip. Instructions about applying for a passport or renewing an expired passport can be found at your nearest US Post Office or at the US Department of State at the following website:

Students should also budget about $200 for meals not included in the price of the trip. Students who wish to purchase things such as snacks and souvenirs will also need to budget for that, depending on how much they are willing to spend. Please note the British pound is the legal currency in Great Britain.

Cancellations and Cancellation Fees:

Travelers who wish to cancel from the Great Britain study abroad program must contact Dr. Bronson Long, the Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad and cancel in writing. E-mail is acceptable for this purpose. Depending on the date of cancellation, cancellation fees may apply. A schedule of cancellation fees by dates is as follows:

Cancellations on or before Thursday, November 21: No penalty

Cancellations between Friday, November 22 and Thursday, February 6: $350 cancellation fee

Cancellations between Friday, February 7 and Thursday, March 19: $1,000 cancellation fee

Cancellations on or after Friday, March 20: No refund for cancellations

Who to Contact:

For any questions about the GHC Great Britain study abroad program, please contact Dr. Bronson Long, the Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad at Georgia Highlands at or 706-368-7618.

You may also contact Mrs. Alex Reiter, the Assistant Director of Global Initiatives and Study Abroad at or 678-946-1015.