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Leadership and Service Training

The Office of Student life strives to develop and foster leadership skills and volunteerism within all GHC students through involvement in RSOs and other leadership programs. Some programs require application and acceptance, while others are open to any interested student. The OSL believes the leadership process begins by strengthening individual leadership skills and facilitating a sense of responsibility to your community. We offer opportunities to develop fundamental leadership skills that are necessary to maintaining successful personal relationships, contributing to campus organizations and participating as citizens in our community.

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of student and faculty/staff representatives who work together for the betterment of the student body and its interests. The student representatives of the SGA are the designated representatives (officers) from all the student clubs and organizations at all campuses; plus a limited number of unaffiliated student representative slots called student-at-large positions. Students interested in serving in an at-large position should contact the Office of Student Life for an application. Although the SGA includes representatives from the faculty and staff, a student representative serves as chairperson of the SGA and is selected by the other council members.

The primary purpose of the SGA is to serve as the voice of the student body and act as a liaison between students and college administration in order to help formulate just and proper regulations pertaining to student government and to assist those persons designated to enforce the regulations. The SGA operates under the Constitution of the Student Body of Georgia Highlands College. The SGA also assists the Office of Student Life with its activities and events in a manner that strives to result in the greatest possible advantage and satisfaction of all students, both as individuals and as part of the student body as a whole. The SGA also operates as the student activity fee budget committee that determines how the collected student activity fee monies are to be allocated for the upcoming year.

Students also have the opportunity to serve on several institutional committees to assist faculty and staff in the setting, review and discussion of college policies and procedures. Committees available for student representation and participation include the following:

  • Student Affairs Committee

  • Student Judicial Committee

  • Technology Committee

  • Affirmative Action Committee

Students interested in serving on an institutional committee should contact the Office of Student Life.

Emerging Leaders

Students who participate in the Emerging Leaders program receive leadership development training through a series of workshops and short training sessions. Students who successfully complete the program are better prepared to be campus leaders and expand on their leadership skills during their time at GHC. Students must be nominated by a faculty/staff member to be eligible to participate in the program.

Coordinators: John Spranza, Lyric Sprinkle, and Abraham Ortiz

Charge Into Leadership student conference

The Charge Into Leadership student leadership conference is a FREE annual leadership development conference offered by the Office of Student Life early each fall semester. The conference features a national keynote speaker, several breakout sessions of various topics, and much more. Check with the OSL staff at your campus for more information.

Volunteerism and Service-Learning

GHC offers a wide variety of opportunities for student to give back to their communities. Students interested in volunteerism and service-learning are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life at their GHC location.