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Complete College Georgia

Complete College Georgia (CCG)

CCG is a statewide initiative to increase completion rates.  The University System of Georgia (USG) and the Technical College System of Georgia (TCSG) partner and collaborate in strategy, plans, and efforts to improve access and graduation rates. Learn more about the state’s CCG efforts here.


GHC has identified the following five Complete College Georgia Goals:

1. Increase the number of undergraduate degrees awarded by USG institutions

2. Provide intrusive advising to keep students on track to graduate

3. Award degrees to students who may have already met requirements for associate degrees via courses taken at one more institutions

4. Increase the likelihood of degree completion by transforming the way that remediation is accomplished

5. Restructure instructional delivery to support educational excellence and student success

Each year, GHC submits a campus plan for CCG efforts to the USG.  Review GHC’s Campus Plan Updates below: