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Learning Support Rules

Policies from the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (USG) govern Learning Support programs at all USG schools with limited adjustment by Georgia Highlands College. The following policies are most important to Learning Support students.

  1. Students must enroll for Learning Support courses first. During each semester of enrollment any student (full or part-time) must first register for all required Learning Support courses before being allowed to register for other courses.
  2. Students should complete Learning Support Courses in a timely manner. Students who have accumulated 30 or more credit hours and have not successfully completed Gateway Courses in both mathematics and English may only register for the required Gateway and co-requisite courses.
  3. Students who are required to register for co-requisite courses (ENGL 0999, MATH 0997 or MATH 0999) along with associated credit courses (ENGL 1101, MATH 1001 or MATH 1111) may only withdraw from both courses. Withdrawal from only one of the two courses, either the co-requisite course or the credit course, is not permitted.
  4. Students in co-requisite courses that do not pass their associated college level course must sign up for both the college level course and its co-requisite the next semester regardless of their grade in the co-requisite class.
  5. Students fulfill their Learning Support requirements with the successful completion of the Gateway course for a particular area, ENGL 1101 for English and MATH 1001 or MATH 1111 for mathematics.