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Information Security & Network Services

Welcome to Georgia Highlands College Information Security & Network Services. The purpose of this website is to aggregate all GHC information security and network-related information in a single easy-to-use online resource.


Information Security & Network Services (ISNS):
ISNS serves as the primary support for all information security, network security, network infrastructure, and web services for all campuses. ISNS also supports many of the institution’s core servers, services, and telecommunications. These responsibilities include installation, configuration, maintenance, upgrades, and backup procedures.


What is Information Security?
Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction.


Why is this important?
  • Non-compliance with Information Security policies can be a violation of State and/or Federal law.
  • A violation of Information Security policy can result in termination of employment.
  • A security incident can tarnish the college’s image.
  • A security incident can result in large cleanup costs (both in time and money).


How is this website organized?
To your left you will see the following sections:


Certification Authority – Download the GHC ITS root and intermediate certificates.


Account Help – This page provides basic account-related information for faculty/staff and students.


Technology Overview – A link to the mandatory Information Technology and Information Security training module. Completion of this overview is required by all new employees, and annually by all employees.


Policy Management – This page contains both Information Technology and Information Security policies, standards, and guidelines. You should familiarize yourself with these important documents, especially the Acceptable Use Policy and related Acceptable Use Standard. The AUP is the overarching policy regarding the use of all technology-related resources at GHC.


ThreatWatch – A constantly updated list of the latest phishing scams and security issues on our campuses.


Training Resources – A comprehensive list of online training resources designed to educate our user community about Information Security.


Downloads – Security-related software downloads for PC, Mac, and iOS.


Contact Us – Contact our Information Security Team to ask a general security-related question, or report a security incident via email or phone.


Service Status – Displays up-to-the-minute information relating to the status of our public-facing services.