Investiture FAQs

What is an Investiture?

An investiture is a ceremony at which honors or rank are formally conferred one a particular person. Originating in English universities and modeled after highly dignified knighthood ceremonies, investiture comes from the Latin phrase for “dress in robe.” In academic circles, the term has come to mean one who will literally don the university’s insignia and regalia.

The investiture ceremony of a new president is one of dignity with many academic traditions and protocols. The ceremony includes an academic procession of delegates from other colleges and universities, as well as the college’s own faculty wearing the colorful academic regalia. Interspersed with musical selections, there will be an invocation, color guard presentation, greetings from several constituents, presentation of the symbols of office from by the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, the benediction, and the recessional.

The investiture is an academic tradition giving the college an opportunity to begin a new chapter in its history and celebrate as a community the pursuit of knowledge and scholarship, and the future of the college.

How long will it last?

The ceremony will last between one and two hours. A reception will immediately follow.

Who is invited to attend the ceremony?

Anyone who has an interest in attending the Investiture Ceremony is welcome. However, the favor of an RSVP is requested by September 1.

Will there be accommodations for the hearing impaired?

Yes. An ASL interpreter will be at the event.

What is the attire for the event?

Business attire preferred.

Will the ceremony be available online?

Yes. The ceremony will be livestreamed. Links will be posted at and on the college’s social media outlets the day of the event.