Next Week @ CETL: Media Accessibility & Removing Obstacles with OERs

Lab: Removing Obstacles Module 2 (September 30-October 14): OERs |  Facilitators: Josie Baudier & Rachel Rupprecht What obstacles stand in the way of our students’ learning? What can we do to remove those obstacles? Join this, CETL’s signature lab, for an in-depth exploration of its 2022-2023 theme: Removing Obstacles. Each of its six module features research […]

2023 USG Teaching & Learning Conference: Call for Proposals

The University System of Georgia invites you to submit session proposals for this year’s USG Teaching & Learning Conference on March 29-31, 2023, in Athens, Georgia. Proposals are due by October 30 and should focus on topics related to: teaching and learning, including implementation of emerging pedagogies and/or technologies engagement and motivation strategies high-impact practices other classroom innovations community […]

CETL: Embedding Health in GHC’s Culture

What does it mean to embed health in all facets of GHC’s culture? Join Althea Moser in Zoom at 3:30 pm this Thursday to learn more. The Okanagan Charter: An International Charter for Health Promoting Universities & Colleges, provides a framework for tertiary institutions to embed health into all facets of campus culture.  Come and learn […]

Removing Obstacles to Online Learning

Removing Obstacles to Online Learning, the first module of CETL’s 22-23 signature lab, begins this Friday, August 26. During the next two weeks, participants will engage with their peers in an asynchronous discussion of “Instructor Social Presence and Connectedness in a Quick Shift from Face-to-Face to Online Instruction.” Join us for real conversation about struggles […]