Ransomware: not just for computers

Smartphones have become so powerful that there are only minor technical differences between the computer in your pocket and the one on your desk. Phones (Android devices, in particular) are vulnerable to the same types of malicious software that can infect Windows computers. Kaspersky Labs recently released a study that notes a dramatic rise in […]

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Have you ever heard of the 3-2-1 rule for backing up your data? At a minimum you should have: 3 – total copies of your data 2 – copies of your data on different devices onsite 1 – offsite backup Following this strategy makes it extremely unlikely that you’ll lose your important files. While you’re […]

Have you been pwned?

In hacker slang, someone has been ‘pwned’ if a hacker has violated that person’s digital security by exposing his/her login and personal information. Major account breaches are occurring with increasing frequency and information about hundreds of millions of people is being traded and sold on the Internet. You can find out if you’ve been pwned with a […]

Social Media Account Breaches

Are you using Linkedin to stay in touch with colleagues? Maybe you tried creating a blog on Tumblr a few years ago or a Myspace page several years before that. Unfortunately, all three have been the subject of massive account breaches and usernames and password hashes from those accounts are now being traded on the […]

Alert: QuickTime for Windows

Apple has discontinued support-including security fixes- for the Windows version of QuickTime. There are already two known exploits for this software, both of which allow a malicious website or video file to run arbitrary code in order to steal passwords and/or embed malware on a computer running QuickTime. GHC ITS recommends uninstalling QuickTime on your […]

Your Digital Spring Cleaning Checklist!

Spring is here! In the tradition of spring cleaning, GHC ITS would like to encourage everyone to take a few minutes each week for the next few weeks to perform a digital spring cleaning on personal computers, smartphones, and online accounts. The National Cyber Security Alliance has a fantastic checklist to guide you through this process. […]

Email threats: “CEO Scam”

The FBI has released a new warning about a dramatic increase in CEO email scams in which attackers pretending to be an organization’s president or CEO ask for an urgent transfer of funds or invoice payment. Carefully examine and verify by phone (or in person) any unexpected request you receive asking for a transfer of funds or payment on behalf […]

Email threats: Spear phishing and ransomware

Several employees have notified ITS about suspicious email requesting payment for invoices, some of which appear to have been sent from other employees. These messages are examples of targeted (spear) phishing scams. Attacks of this nature are becoming increasingly common and highly destructive because they often employ malicious software to encrypt a victim’s data and […]

Password Protection Standard Update

GHC’s updated password protection standard is now in effect for employee network (email) accounts. Passwords must be a minimum of 12 characters, have complexity requirements (upper case, lower case, number, and/or symbol), and can no longer be set to a previous password. Please visit http://www.highlands.edu/site/is-policies for more information.