Retirement Celebration for Kristie Kemper – TODAY

A friendly reminder that we are hosting a Retirement Celebration for Kristie Kemper from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. today (July 15th) in the Solarium on the Floyd Campus. We hope that you will join us as we celebrate Kristie and the 40 years of dedication and service that she has contributed to GHC.  

Save the Date

Please “Save the Date” for a Multidisciplinary Symposium on Terrorism in the Cartersville Student Center Ballroom Friday, October 10th from 9/9:30 to 12:30/1:00. Speakers will be coming from different perspectives such as online and presidential communication, current events and effects on everyday life for Palestinians in Lebanon, and Bio-terrorism/Science. The main goal of this symposium […]