CPOS: What is Course Program of Study?

U.S. Department of Education (ED) regulations require that a student must be enrolled in a degree-seeking pathway/program of study to receive federal financial aid (Grants, Loans, Work-Study). Funds will only be disbursed for courses needed to fulfill the program of study requirements.

Course Program of Study (CPoS) is the process that is run to identify courses within a student’s pathway/program of study and compare the courses a student registers for each term with the degree requirements listed on their SCORECard worksheet. Courses that do not apply towards a student’s officially declared pathway/program of study will be ineligible for federal financial aid.

Effective Summer Semester 2023, students enrolling in courses that are not required to complete their officially declared pathway/program of study could see their financial aid prorated and/or cancelled as required by the Department of Education.

It is the College’s hope that Course Program of Study (CPoS) will help students remain on academic track toward graduation while keeping them fully eligible for federal financial aid.