System Security Updates – Friday, September 30th

The Division of Information Technology will be installing routine security updates to our servers and network infrastructure from 1:00am until 7:00am on Friday, September 30th. Systems that cannot be safely updated through this automated process will be manually updated by IT personnel during staff hours. Users working on documents stored on the “P-Drive” should ensure they save their work and close those files before updates begin Friday morning. The Banner Student Information System will also be unavailable for maintenance on Friday.

Performing monthly security updates on our systems is a requirement under USG IT Handbook Section 5.11.1 (Software Patch Updates). These updates are an essential defense against hacking, tampering, data exfiltration, or related cybersecurity threats because they fix flaws in software that are either prone to exploitation or actively being exploited across the Internet.

We would also like to encourage everyone to take a few minutes this weekend to review their laptops, phones, tablets, smart home appliances, and other personal devices to ensure they’re up to date with the latest security fixes. Check your device manufacturer’s support website for specific instructions and how-to guides for updating your device.