IT Policy Updates – World Wide Web

The following IT policies have been updated:

IT World Wide Web Policy (IT.PO.370) –

This policy ensures that employees of Georgia Highlands College (GHC) publish World Wide Web content within the constraints of law, University System of Georgia policies, and policies of the institution. Content published on institution web resources is property of GHC and under the institution’s exclusive control and shall be professional, accurate, and regularly reviewed to ensure institution web resources are consistent with existing communications, practices, and regulatory requirements.

IT World Wide Web Standard (IT.ST.370) –

Web pages shall be published within an official Content Management System (CMS) maintained by IT in order to convey a consistent visual identity that represents GHC. The use of unmanaged or ad hoc web pages may be permissible only with a written, documented exception granted by executive leadership and administrative access to unmanaged or ad hoc websites shall be provided to IT. Websites shall be published with a standardized layout for each web page. Each web page shall contain the following elements:

  • A hyperlink to the Georgia Highlands College home page (
  • Fonts, colors, images, and iconography consistent with those found on and branding guidelines published by MarCom.
  • A relevant and useful description of the school, division, or department, or faculty member that the web page is intended to provide information about.
  • The judicious and limited use of hyperlinks to third-party web pages.

Official web pages shall not contain the following elements:

  • Content unrelated to an academic program or course that a reasonable person would find inappropriate or offensive.
  • Pop-up, banner, or interstitial advertisements for commercial or third-party products and services.

Please review these documents from the GHC Policy Manual website at