How-To: Protect Your GHC Account with Duo

Duo allows you to sign in to your GHC Single Sign-On (SSO) account using either Duo Push, a phone call, or passcode available in the Duo Mobile app or sent to you by text. When you receive a Duo Push, check the following details to make sure you are approving the correct push request for the application you are logging into:

  • The name of the Application you are logging into
  • The timestamp of the authentication attempt

If any aspect of the push request seems unusual — such as an unexpected location appearing within the request or the request appears when you did not try to sign in – please do the following:

  1. Click Deny and then Yes, as it was a suspicious login.
  2. Contact IT at to let us know that you received a fraudulent push.
  3. Change your password using the forgot password link on our SSO login page, as it is possible that your password has been compromised.

Never share Duo passcodes with anyone. GHC will never ask for your Duo passcode by phone or text. If anyone asks you for this information or asks you to accept a Duo phone call when you did not try to sign in to your account, contact IT at and change your password immediately.