How to access GHC’s new brand portal

Announcing the all new CHARGER BRAND PORTAL

GHC’s new digital asset management program, powered by NetX, allows  employees easy access to marketing photos and approved logos*.

The Charger Brand Portal can be found at:

To log in, click the BLUE BAR that reads GHC STAFF LOG IN HERE. If prompted, enter your Single Sign On credentials to log in.

Once you are in the brand portal system, you can search, access, and download assets as needed. Watch this video to learn now to use both the NetX and Flickr options to access GHC’s digital assets.

Please note that Marcom is continually adding to and updating the assets located in the Charger Brand Portal, as well as refining search terms and image tags. If you don’t see something you are looking for, please email for assistance.

*When using GHC logos in print or for distribution, please send  your concept/layout/proof to for review and approval before use. Due to the variety of formats, types, and color combinations of the GHC logos, Marcom must ensure the proper use of your logo choice for brand consistency.