Livongo is a new vendor Partner for the USG Healthcare plans for employees, retirees under age 65, and their covered spouses who are enrolled in the Anthem plans. Livongo combines advanced technology and one-on-one coaching.

There are three program offerings:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Diabetes Prevention
  • Weight Management

There is no cost to employees (or spouses) for participating in these programs.

Diabetes Management – Helps employees with Diabetes diagnosis manage diabetes

  • 24/7 coaching
  • Receive a free meter that is connected to their coach
  • Unlimited strips mailed directly to the employee at no charge

Diabetes Prevention – Helps employees lower their risk of developiong Type-2 Diabetes

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching
  • Participants receive a connected smart scale
  • Small group sessions for community support

Weight Management – Helps employees lose and/or manage weight

  • Unlimited one-on-one coaching
  • Connected Smart scale
  • Mini-guided challenges and more

To sign up or to learn more about this program, visit or you can call Livongo Member Support at (800) 945-4355. The program is offered at no additional cost to qualified employees, pre-65 retirees and their spouses who are enrolled in one of the USG Anthem healthcare plans.