Next Week In Wellness

Be sure to mark your calendars for next week’s exciting Wellness events:

Date Time Sponsor Activity
Monday, 4/26 11:30 am USG Well-being Yoga (All Levels)
Monday, 4/26 12:00 pm USG Well-being Money Monday: Managing Risks Amid Market Volatility
Tuesday, 4/27 10:00 am USG Well-being Office Stretch Break
Tuesday, 4/27 11:00 am Kiser Permanente Eat Well, Live Well: Eating Well for Your Health (Session Password: Thrive123)
Wednesday, 4/28 5:00 pm USG Well-being Zumba
Thursday, 4/29 12:00 pm Fidelity Five Money Musts
Thursday, 4/29 2:00 pm USG Well-being Office Stretch Break
Thursday, 4/29 4:30 pm USG Well-being Gentle Yoga
Friday, 4/30 11:30 am USG Well-being Chair Yoga

View the full calendar of upcoming USG Well-being events by visiting 

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