Wi-Fi Enhancements at GHC

The Division of Information Technology will be deploying enhancements to our Wi-Fi networks on all instructional sites. We expect this work will be completed on the Floyd campus by the close of business on Friday, February 5th. The Cartersville instructional site will be upgraded on Friday, February 11th. Heritage Hall, Paulding, and Douglasville instructional sites will be upgraded on subsequent Fridays.

These enhancements will provide better Wi-Fi coverage to employees and students, particularly in designated outdoor areas in Rome, Cartersville, and Heritage Hall. Users will be able to access Wi-Fi from the parking areas as well as the Floyd campus pavilion and the courtyard area in Cartersville.

The SSIDs (network names) for Wi-Fi will not change. Employees should continue to use the “GHC-Employee” SSID and students will use the “GHC-Student” SSID. “GHC-Guest” and “Eduroam” SSIDs will also be available for guest use. Even though the SSIDs are the same, you will need to authenticate with the new system using your GHC ID and password. You may be prompted to accept a security certificate to complete this process.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at rt@highlands.edu