Biweekly Payroll Reminder

Good Morning,

Timesheet Approval for All Biweekly Employees

 Biweekly Employees: Please enter all time worked for the June 30-July 13, 2019 pay period by 10:00am, Friday, July 12th.  Additionally, all absence requests must be entered and approved by 10:00am, Friday, July 12th. Please remember the 4th of July holiday. If you did not work an extra hour that week, you will need to enter 1 hour of vacation leave. Employees no longer need to approve their own timesheet, however, employees will not be paid for any time or absences that have not been approved by their manager.

Managers for Biweekly Employees: Please approve all absence requests and timesheets by 12:00pm, Friday, July 12th. Please remember, absence requests must be approved by the manager for the employee to receive their pay. If an employee is scheduled to work on Saturday, please email no later than 8:30am Friday morning.

A link,, to the OneUSG training webpage which has videos that might help with any questions has been included for your convenience. You may also email the payroll office at or call Tracy Grigsby at 706-204-2386 if you need further assistance.

Thank you,

Tracy Grigsby