Graduation 2019: 3 Weeks & Counting…

Saturday, May 11th

10:00 a.m.

Forum River Center, Rome, GA


FACULTY MARSHALS: As senior professors at Georgia Highlands College, Frank Minor and Billy Morris will serve as faculty marshals for GHC’s 49th commencement.

FACULTY REGALIA: Rental requests should be emailed a.s.a.p. to Robin Klemm at to reduce late fees and express shipping charges.

DR. NANCY APPLEGATE, Professor of English, has been voted recipient of the Wesley C. Walraven Teaching Award for 2019. Please reference Dana Nichols’ email dated April 8 for details. (Congratulations, Nancy!

DR. KRISTIE KEMPER, Professor of English, will serve as 2019 Mace Bearer to lead GHC’s 49th commencement on May 11. Please reference Lillian Robertson’s email dated April 2. (Congratulations, Kristie!)

STAFF VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist with various usher functions at the Forum River Center on Saturday, May 11th. To participate and be involved, please contact Lindsay Little at

COMMENCEMENT ATTENDANCE: Full-time faculty are required to attend the Saturday commencement event; absences should be reported to the academic dean. Though not required, part-time faculty are welcome to join the marching line of faculty in regalia; attendance should be reported to the academic dean for adequate seating. (RE: Dana Nichols’ email dated 03/19/19)

NURSES PINNING will be held Friday, May 10th, 6:00 p.m., at West Rome Baptist Church.


Be sure to check GHC Inform for Friday updates related to the 2019 Commencement Ceremony!

Please direct immediate questions to Tammy Nicholson at