Recycling HP Toner

It has been the policy of GHC for many years to recycle paper, cardboard and toner. Recently the toner recycling has grown into a huge mountain and it took 3 employees several hours to work through it. Going forward I want to ask each of you to do your part in managing the toner recycling in your department or on your campus.

HP toner for laser printers are a preferred item on our Statewide contract; therefore we get a substantial discount when we buy HP toner via the contract. I have been told that HP toner works best in our printers and whether true or not, HP makes recycling their toners very easy. I strongly encourage you to use genuine HP toner for your printers.


When you purchase an HP cartridge, there is a folded piece of paper inside the box. Inside this paper is a peel and stick UPS label. All you have to do is put the empty cartridge back inside the original box, place the return label on the outside, close the box and give it to a UPS driver or place in a UPS pick-up box.

The Floyd Campus Mail Room will no longer be responsible for recycling your toner. The GHC Courier will not be allowed to transport empty toner cartridges between campuses. If you have a printer, copier, or fax that uses any brand other than HP, please find out how to recycle those cartridges and do it from your campus.

Thank you for your help with this important task.