Who Am I? #8

Sweet tea with a splash of lemonade is my favorite beverage. My idea of a snow day is being curled up by the fire place with a good book. Shades of blue are my favorite colors. I can throw a mullet net. I’m originally from South Mississippi.   Answer: Billie Saenz – Administrative Assistant Douglasville Campus

Who Am I? #7

  Married 25 years Climbed Mount Fuji and swam in the Dead Sea Has a BBA degree in International Business Lived and raised a family in Central Asia and the Middle East Is a Disaster Mental Health volunteer for the American Red Cross Answer: Angela Wheelus – Director of Student Support

Who Am I? #6

1)  In 7th grade, I was a contestant in the National Spelling Bee 2)  In the past 12 months, I have 6 new stamps in my passport 3) Yoga, spinning and tennis are some of my favorite activities 4) Fall is my favorite season of the year 5) I am super close with my 3rd […]

Who Am I? #5

I visited Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt while in the military I rode in a submarine, on an air craft carrier and a WW II era battleship Prayed at the wailing wall in Jerusalem, Israel. Little known fact about me: I like poetry. My 15 year career with GHC includes a stint in a […]


The GHC Floyd Campus will be hosting a four team High School Cross Country Meet today. The road leading down to the lake by the tennis courts will be closed as well as the Booze Mountain Entrance / Exit at 3:30pm. Please drive safely and welcome our potential students and their families to campus.

Veterans Resource Center – Floyd Campus

We are excited to announce the addition of a Veterans Resource Center at the Floyd Campus! The center is located in the lobby of Student Life (in the old conference room)., and will be open Monday through Thursday from 12:30 -5:30pm, and also 8:00-10:30 am on Tuesday and Thursday. Please stop by and meet our […]

Who Am I? #4

I come from a big family. My father is one of 14 and my mother is one of 24 which gives me 34 aunts and uncles and over 100 first cousins. I foster dogs. I went to school from kindergarten through college within a half mile radius. I have a company with my brother that […]