LaNelle Daniel: 75 for 75!!!

Dear GHC Community,

Carol Souders has a dream, and you can make it happen! Carol would like for Lanelle Daniel, retired GHC English professor and Humanities Division Chair, to receive 75 birthday cards for her 75th birthday!!

Jesse Bishop, LaNelle’s son-in-law, is working very hard to make this dream a reality.

On Jesse and Carol’s behalf, I’d like to ask everyone who remembers Lanelle (and everyone else, for that matter) to send her a birthday card. Her birthday is August 29th, and her address is as follows:

LaNelle Daniel
1027-2 Old Rockmart Road
Silver Creek, GA 30173

If you’re wondering what kind of card to get her, I can tell you that she loves her children and grandchildren, her cats, country music, dragons, reading (especially mystery novels), NCIS, Mississippi, Louisiana, and all things related to Shakespeare, the Plantagenets, and Richard III. She would probably say that she prefers funny cards to sentimental ones, but I think deep down she loves both.

I am smiling as I write this, imagining a surprised LaNelle with a lapful of ornery cats and unexpected birthday cards.

Please participate if you can, and once your card is in the mail, email Jesse Bishop ( so he can keep a tally and see that we reach the goal–75 for 75!

Nancy Applegate