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Syllabus Template

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Syllabus Template

PART I (required)

There is an experimental requirement for all PSYC 1101 courses. This component is designed to provide all students taking their first course in psychology some knowledge of the procedures and conduct of psychological research. A principal aim of the requirement is for students to gain an appreciation of how psychology experiments work while simultaneously acquiring new knowledge about areas of psychology students may not encounter in their general PSYC 1101 course. To satisfy this requirement, students must complete two hours of experimental work. This requirement can be fulfilled by participating in actual psychology experiments (Option 1) or by writing research summaries (Option 2). Students must be 18 or older in order to participate in experiments or have their parents complete and return a parental consent statement available here. Those under 18 may also do Option 2 (research summaries). Each half-hour of research or each single research summary is worth one Psychology Experience Credit (PEC); students must earn four (4) PECs during the semester using any combination of Option 1 and Option 2 (e.g., one hour of psychology experiments and two research summaries or 1.5 hours of experiments and one summary).

PART II (option one)

XX% [5-10% suggested] of your final grade will be comprised of your PEC accumulation. These are Pass/Fail points in that you either do the experiments/summaries or you do not. If you do not, you will not have the opportunity for partial credit.

PART II (option two)

You must complete 4 PECs to pass this course. However, you will not be awarded point credit for your research participation or research summaries. Instead, you will receive a grade of Incomplete (I) at the end of the semester if you have not earned a total of 4 PECS. When you have submitted evidence that you’ve completed your PEC requirement, your revised grade will be submitted to the Registrar.

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