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He who has lost honor can lose nothing more.
~Publilius Syrus

13 AUG 2016

Welcome back, Chargers!

I want to briefly touch base about a couple of key issues that are on the swiftly shrinking horizon.Since the Club Walk will occur before our first meeting, here are a few things we need to consider in the upcoming weeks:

  • Recruitement: How do we get more students involved in Honors Club? Are any of you willing to help with Club Walk?
  • Officer Elections: We will need to elect officers this fall. If you are interested in serving as an officer, great! If you think of someone who may be interested, bring him/her along to the first meeting. We will also need to vote on organization bylaws.
  • Service Project: We need to adopt a College-wide or community-based service project for the year.
    • Who should be our target population?
    • Do you want this to be an Honors-Club-only project? Or do you want to partner with another club?
    • How should we think about addressing the need(s) of our population?
    • Will you want to meeting >1/month to work on our project?


This will get us started. I look forward to a great Fall with you all!

Dr. W

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